Collecting and Breeding: Discover Great Marijuana Seeds for Beginners

Cannabis use is rising in the United States and with good reason. Marijuana provides a natural alternative for pain management, anxiety, and a host of other conditions. Buying from local dispensaries or online sites is convenient and allows you to choose from several dozen strains to find the ideal fit.

It’s a sustainable way to get the health benefits you need from the herb. Still, there are more cost-effective ways to enjoy cannabis. One of the best options is buying and planting marijuana seeds for beginners. You’ll have access to your favorite strains and buds at a fraction of the cost.


Luckily, you’ve come to this eye-opening guide to learn about the best options when collecting marijuana seeds. Continue reading to begin breeding cannabis today!

Dark Angel Seeds

Dark Angel seeds are an excellent option if you’re new to growing cannabis and want a hybrid strain to harness the benefits of Indica and Sativa strains. Dark Angel combines the stimulating Jack Herer and more tranquil Cheese strains.

The THC content is around 20 percent, making it a potent but not overpowering option for your cannabis needs. The flowering period is also short, with Dark Angel seeds producing buds within eight weeks with impressive yields. It’s one of the top options to consider when shopping for new marijuana strains.

Lemon Skunk Seeds

If you prefer Sativa-dominant cannabis strains that are easy to grow, Lemon Skunk is a fantastic place to begin. These feminized seeds blend lemon and diesel fuel to provide a high that will help you continue functioning all day.

The seeds grow into picturesque plants perfect for indoor gardens and growing spaces. The flowers from Lemon Skunk seeds are dense and large, yielding an impressive harvest at the end of the flowering stage.

If you want plants that produce top-shelf cannabis in massive quantities, Lemon Skunk is the way to go. The effects start with a psychedelic euphoria before evolving into a happy and tranquil high. It’s a well-rounded option for marijuana seeds for beginners.

Caramelicious Seeds

One of the most popular uses for marijuana is pain management and relief. Caramelicious is an impressive cannabis strain used for medicinal purposes. Other benefits include nausea relief, depression, and lethargy.

Growing Caramelicious seeds into fruit-bearing plants is wise if you seek a homegrown strain to relieve pain. Many users experience a happy, peaceful high and a will to chill out and relax.

In addition to the health benefits, Caramelicious is an excellent-tasting cannabis strain. Beginners who use cannabis will love the sweet aroma and flavor of this beneficial strain.

Purple Haze Seeds

Purple Haze is a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain worth considering if you’re ready to start a grow operation at home. Purple Haze feminized seeds grow into medium-sized cannabis plants. The size makes them an ideal option for indoor growth.

Despite their compounds as a Sativa-based plant, Purple Haze seeds reach the flowering stage without a long wait. You’ll begin collecting buds from your new plants within nine weeks of planting them.

The flowers are impressive for their size, purple color, and vibrant trichomes. You’ll love Purple Haze for medical and recreational use. Expect to share laughs with your loved ones and reduce your anxiety for a happy experience.

Northern Lights Seeds

Another option for feminized seeds, Northern Lights, is a top Indica option for individuals interested in growing marijuana at home. It features a unique aroma due to the terpenes found within the plant. It combines pine and skunky lemon for an exceptional smoking experience.

Despite the beautiful results of growing the Northern Lights seeds, the true beauty is exposed in the short growth time. They’re among the easiest and quickest cannabis seeds to grow for beginners. The plants have a shorter stature, making them well-suited for indoor growing.

Consider growing this strain if you want a soothing option when breeding cannabis. Users will feel as high as the clouds when using the Northern Lights for the first time.

AK-47 Seeds

Indica and Hybrid strains have their perks, but few cannabis strains can match the joy of a top-shelf Sativa. The AK-47 strain is a remarkable option if you’re looking for marijuana seeds for beginners that produce an uplifting mood and the energy to conquer your day.

They’re an easy seed option to grow, and they’re worth buying if you’re collecting marijuana seeds for future growing projects. The short flowering time is another benefit to help you harness this energetic form of cannabis.

It’s worth noting that AK-47 Cannabis Seeds require more nutrients than the average marijuana strain. The extra work and investment are worth the benefits you’ll gain when smoking AK-47s with friends.

White Widow Seeds

Another energy-boosting type of auto-flowering cannabis is White Widow. It’s a potent Sativa strain famed for the energy it offers users feeling down and out. Creativity is another positive side effect of the White Widow strain.

If you struggle with energy levels and want a positive boost, you’ll want to create space in your growing facility for White Widow seeds. It’s also a practical option for pain management.

Expect a happy and energetic high from this potent cannabis strain. The high-end buds will produce 26 percent THC to help you get your mind and body feeling right again.

The taste is woody and earthy, providing a memorable smoking experience. The aroma of the buds will bring back memories of pine cones. The seeds are harvested every two months, and you can grow these plants indoors.

Start Shopping for These Marijuana Seeds for Beginners Today

Learning to grow feminized cannabis seeds from home is an excellent way to save money and enjoy greater control over the bud you’re harvesting and ingesting. Northern Lights is a terrific Indica strain for relaxation and happiness. White Widow and AK-47 are top choices if you want an influx of energy and creativity.

Incorporating natural remedies into your life is an excellent step toward a healthy body and mind. Explore our Lifestyle content for more tips and life hacks for a happier life today!

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