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Chopping and Burning a Small Caribbean Plot


I’m writing this from the office after a sunrise run with my faithful friend Chops sleeping underneath the red plastic table I always work from. These past three months have been like a dream, it’s just happened so fast considering nothing really changes but everything does. I feel as though I’m still in February somewhere but here we are, in May. In other news, I’ve had my small plot chopped and burned and wow, it looks bigger.

I bought this small and humble piece of level property at the base of “the hill” not far from the Baseball Diamond aka Little Corn Island Golf Beach and Country Club, town and the ocean. It’s a small chunk at 486sqm and it was the cheapest piece I could find last year to “get my feet wet” so to speak. As it happens, there is nothing on the island in that range anymore, the tide is rising and all the ships at sea are going with it, indeed.

So yeah, I got bored and decided to give my piece a haircut and a good burning. The haircut is to see what you have, jungle looks small but once it’s cleared out, it looks huge. 486 square meters is roughly an eight of an acre. An acre is big aka city block style and an eight is bigger than your average city plot. If you want a safe and secure spot to hang out in paradise, it’s more than sufficient.

Despite the fact I’m leaving soon, I gave it a chop anyways. The reason is I want the jungle to stop growing in so deep, let the world know it’s got an owner and it burns all the bugs. I was lucky that there wasn’t much bugs on the piece to start with but the odd ants. Fire ants can still come and guess what, you gotta fight fire with fire sometimes. I had a slick lime tree but somehow it got torched in the inferno, whoops.

I’ve got plans for this piece and it doesn’t even really involve me living there. That said, my mind is always in a mess of what direction to go. That’s the problem when you have no itinerary, compass or even a planned destination. The positive of such a life is that you will end up somewhere and since it’s not planned, it has the potential to be something cooler than you could have ever imagined. I’ve had no plans for this trip and let me tell you, it’s been more magnificent than anything I ever could have concocted from my desk…

Less than a week here left this season, where does time go?

Tips hat,



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