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Chilling in Yogyakarta & Travel Plans

Greetings ladies, gentlemen, wackos and weirdos alike,

I am pleased to report that my most infected knee is getting better. I can walk on it again, heck I can even bend it. Yesterday I did NOTHING, by nothing I mean I spent the entire day on wifi doing well, nothing. It was grand, great and I truly love this hotel. Below are some photos of this most magnificent place that costs $$10US a day and includes a breakfast that would cost me ~$10US back home. Most marvelous indeed.

nice hotel room in yogyakarta $10us

hotel entrance in yogyakarta $10us

hotel lobby in yogyakarta $10us

What’s on the agenda for today? Guess what, NOTHING. Ok, at some point I will go on a leisurely jaunt to the train station and book a business or executive class ticket to Jakarta on the night train. If I was healthy and traveling with a crew I’d take economy as it’s a zoo and I like zoo’s. If you don’t believe me … I stayed in Kuta for 3 weeks. When I tell people that their eyes pop out of their head. Everyone says ” That place is crazy, I only stayed 2 nights”. Yeah well last time I checked “I’m not like you.” I’m a different type of travel creature, one that enjoys just “lounging”. You see,  I just like being overseas, in Asia, where it is warm and my dollars streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch.

The only point in staying in high cost countries is to earn big $$$. The irony is that by earning big money, you spend  big money. Why not just cancel the whole equation out? Yes, that simply makes cents to me. (Pun intended). Never EVER think of your working income, always think of your NET WORTH. Working income is simply “part of the process”, all that matters is your net worth. There are those with massive working incomes and no net worth. We all know those ludicrously leveraged lunatics who are like “Whatever I can afford it, I make X”. That’s cool if you want to work forever and die in debt after a divorce centering around money with a scowl saying “man, my life was boring”.

I digress.

Tomorrow night, I take the overnight to Jakarta, get there at ~4am at the train station. I will then get a metered cab to the airport where I will spend the rest of my Rupiahs with great vigor and zeal, like a spend thrift going through his pay check at your local dive bar. Then I will fly to Phuket, a very touristy island in Thailand. I will get a room, somewhere and just “lounge” until the 7th where I will fly to Bangkok.

Near Maliboro Mall in Yogyakarta

Near the Maliboro Mall in Yogyakarta

Once in Bangkok I will drink ridiculous amounts of that orange juice you can buy for so cheap it would make your head spin, it’s so fresh they squeeze it in front of you. I will work on getting a fist full of visas to strange lands such as China, India, Vietnam.

I have a friend I met no the ferry from Krabi to Koh Phi Phi(Crazy party island, amazing beaches).  I remember everyone left before me but I just wanted to hang out so I did. On the ferry I met these cool Canadian guys within 5 minutes, they were the only ones drinking beer, conversation ensued. You see, everywhere I go I meet new people. Some cool, some ok, some douche bags but I still meet them. His friend is coming over and has a 6 week itinerary for a trip through Laos and Cambodia. I need / want to do these countries so I figure… Why not go with someone I know, his friend who is probably cool and have it all planned out. It’s like being on a mini tour with a tight crew.

A Koh Phi Phi beach @ low tide

From there who knows.

Last night I went wandering around on a “late night walk” to find food so I could take more anti-biotics. I found nothing except tones of middle aged women trying to “get me to their room”. haha Seriously I don’t know who these western douche bags are that go with these ladies but if you do, you sir, are a loser.

After that I came and crashed in my room. Yes, what a most exciting updated indeed. On a side note, a lady from Argentina checked in today. When I first saw her I think I had a heart attack. I AM 100% going to Argentina next winter and going to work on my Spanish in the mean time. I mean I cannot, describe how incredibly gorgeous this lady was without sounding crass or creepy, as a result, I won’t. Suffice to say “aye carumba!”

I’m off to go eat a filet mignon for the price of a 6″ veggie sub back home.

Good day,

gang ii in yogyakarta indonesia
This is the lane my hotel is off. Always cheaper hotels off the lanes aka “gangs”

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