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Chilling in Africa


Internet is not as available in Arusha, Africa as it is in other places I’ve been. It’s here just most people don’t have it if they use it at work, it’s pricey and inconsistent. The place I was staying at and am typing this at now has it, my new place, doesn’t.

Moved in with a friend of my friends, I mean he has a 4 bedroom house and is never there, why not? Think another gent for the wedding will move in as well. It’s crazy what you can get here for your $$$.

Went golfing the other day, was ~50,000THS or $35 including clubs and a caddy on a private course, told them I was a “prospective member”. Great views from the golf course and the caddies are way more into golf than the ladies I’ve had caddy for me in Asia.

Friends STAG tomorrow, should start with golf then a BBQ. Love the golf course, memberships are cheap as well, what to do? If one was a web type, could set up a very nice temporary lifestyle here with great amenities.

Apart from that hanging out at different places and enjoying a glimpse of what it’s like for professionals living over here. Quite cool. Who knows when the next update will come.

Happy Holidays,

P:S One of the guests showed up with a new unlocked iPhone 4. Will do what I can to get him to leave it here. Would make a lot of things a lot easier.

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