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Chiang Mai Gate, Saturday Night Market


Last night I had the pleasure of accompanying the fine people from @Gotpassport to the Chiang Mai Gate, night market in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Part of the reason I came here as I knew it was chill and when they let me know they were here and it was good times, done deal. They are a very nice and down to earth family who obviously see the benefits of living over here.

The night market was good but not as crazy as the Sunday night one near the Tai Pae Gate. So you know, the “Old City” of Chiang Mai had a moat around it, and well, there were 4 gates, I believe. Currently I’m living just outside the old city. Lot’s of ethnic art and stuff of that nature. I went to hang out and look for some silk products, more on that later.

Also ran into a bunch of other travel bloggers who were cool. I would have hung out later but the street sushi was, well, a horrible idea? Truth be told, not sure if it was the street sushi or one of the other 4-5 things I had. I did eat some sketchy pork from a lady who had them sitting there but no grill… Always try and get stuff grilled in front of you, makes a world of difference.

It was pouring and the worst part was, a gentlemen walking around in slippers is not cut out for the rain. My slippers got wet and that made me sad, not really though considering they cost $1.15us so I GUESS I could just get another pair.

Jack made a great video explaining the city which I embedded below. Luckily for me his lovely wife Aye joined me in the cab because the cab took us to the wrong place, had she not been with me, well it would have been “see ya” before “hello” type thing, if that makes any sense.

I am meeting my lady friend from Australia for dinner in a few hours, will get a haircut first. They want 12US here but I know a nice little place that will do it for $3.33. When your daily rent is $5.60, you get a clear idea of how ridonkulous a $12 haircut is; especially for a guy who doesn’t care about much.

Really productive morning today. Basically finished the weight loss book – 40lbs in 4 months and even did laundry. I looked at the machine then looked at the sweet lady who does it for nominally more and well, why do laundry when you don’t have to? Also my stuff is dirty, could use an “expert touch”. Also found a silk supplier, going in tomorrow with samples of what I want custom made, for resale, obviously.

Tips hat,

P.S: Stay tuned for the RATS for Dinner video tomorrow and most likely, another update tonight.

P.P.S: There are like 17 sandwiches you can eat from 7/11 for under $1. I will try one each night and fill you in. I really love 7/11, maybe I should buy some shares of their stock? They are taking over Asia, if they have not already done so.

P.P.P.S: Safety first, as always in Thailand.

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