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Check Airport Tax Before Exchanging Currency

Yeah, you heard me.

Before you exchange your currency, check the airport tax. I thought I was “all too clever” and changed all the money into Thai Baht’s except for enough to have a most gluttonous time before I left Indonesia. I then get to the counter and realize their is a 150,000Ru airport tax of ~$15. Seeing how if I took more money out at ATM I’d have to exchange to Rupiah then Baht after I was done paying the fee. I just sucked it up and took out $15US and paid ~$11CDN or so on the machine.


Would of paid in Thai bahts but they wanted a ludicrous amount of 850, which is a total rip considering you buy them here at ~520 for 150,000Ru. <Rolls Eye>

In hindsight, should of taken it off my credit card as it only charges one of the fees and the “cash advance” interest would be minimal.

So now you know.

P.S Will update on the 10 hour overnight train trip on what felt like a park bench, arriving in Jakarta at 4:30AM and other adventures of that nature.

In 2 hours I catch a flight to Phuket.

Cordially yours,

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