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Causes of Car Accidents in Rogers: How Can a Lawyer Help?

No car owner who sets out of their house wants to face a car crash. It’s because an accident leads to physical injury and emotional trauma. And for a few people, it is a never-ending legal battle to get the compensation that they deserve. 

For Arkansas, the records of accidents do raise alarm. A few years ago, there were close to 285 people who lost their lives in a vehicle crash. This itself makes up for close to 55% of all car crash fatalities. That is not all. Another 231 people died in accidents that involved more than a single vehicle.

Rogers, a city in Arkansas, too, has its share of car accidents. Therefore, pedestrians and drivers must exercise caution. For the most part, we can simply adhere to the traffic rules and do our best to stay away from car collisions as much as possible.

In this article, we will discuss the causes of a car accident in Rogers, so that in case you face one, you know the reason behind it and can file your lawsuit. Additionally, we will also share how a lawyer can help here.

Distracted Driving

One of the major causes of accidents in Rogers is distracted driving. It means that the driver did not pay attention to the street conditions and his driving, which led to the accident. He might have been speaking to someone on the phone, texting someone using his mobile, holding the steering wheel with one hand and the phone with the other, and the like. 

When the driver doesn’t have complete attention on the streets and the car while driving, inevitably, he will make a wrong move, which will lead to a crash.


There is a reason speed limits have been implemented. It has been created in such a way that the drivers have ample time to break for any mishap. It means that if a driver is at 50-mph in a 35 speed limit area, chances are that they might not pause for a red light at the right time, which can cause an accident.

When a driver moves past the speed limit, they have very little time to respond to any changes that might take place on the road. Most car crashes during office time occur because of this reason.

Drunk Driving

Even a few years ago, drunk driving used to be a major cause of accidents. However, thanks to the drunk driving campaigns, this has been reduced to a huge extent. But even then, in Rogers, you will come across several instances of drunk driving. 

It is necessary for drivers and car owners not to drive when they are not under the influence of any drug or alcohol. It impairs judgment, which leads to severe crashes and can even make a pedestrian lose their life.

Every driver and car owner needs to understand their responsibility as scrupulous citizens, contributing to road safety. Therefore, it is necessary not to set out on the road when you are under the influence of alcohol.

Reckless Driving

Some people can be reckless drivers, while others might end up driving a little aggressively, responding to a certain situation. Tailgating, swerving in and out of traffic, and other rash driving behaviors all come under this category. It results in the maximum number of accidents. The only way to curb this is by controlling the habit of rash driving.

Walking the Legal Path

Once you are aware of the reason for the car accident, you must seek legal aid to get compensated for your loss. Here you need to get in touch with an expert Rogers car accident lawyer who can guide you about the legal formalities and ensure you get compensated as well. Often, car accident victims try to walk the legal path alone, which is not a smart idea as they will not have any idea of the workings of the legal system.

Hence, Keith Law Group states that consulting a lawyer is crucial, as they can let you know whether you are eligible to file a lawsuit. They will assess your case and will let you know about the status of your case over a free consultation. Going forward, you can share every evidence that you have for them to build a solid case and ensure that you get fair compensation to cover all the economic and non-economic damages.

In conclusion, Rogers has its share of accidents that lead to both severe injuries and even death. Since no one wants to face such a predicament, one must adhere to the traffic rules and safe driving practices. However, if you happen to face a car accident and feel that the other person is at fault, you can seek both medical and legal aid. 

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