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Bus from Leon to Matagalpa, Nicaragua


The bus from Leon to Matagalpa, Nicaragua leaves daily at 5AM, 7:30AM and 2:45PM. Regardless of what you hear, it will take roughly 2.5-3 hours and no more. We were going slow, lots of stop sand still made it here before 10AM. First thoughts were “ehhhhh” but I’ve now been here a little while and so glad I came…

The temperature is incredibly pleasant and it’s surrounded by picturesque mountains and small settlements scattered throughout them. Have you ever heard of Matagalpa? Probably not and another reason it’s so nice, there is no tourist vibe at all here that I can see it’s just a Nicaraguan city in the mountains. It also hosts a very healthy STREET FOOD SCENE. Just got my street food style on mid swagger without having to wipe sweat off my brow. Then when I left, picked up some street meat for the road.

While chewing on a massive piece of beef as my new balance kicks hit the streets I realized that I’m all about going to lesser known cities and seeing “what’s occurring”. I’ve always been about exploring cities but I’m kinda over the major hubs to some extent. This place is sort of giving me a better glimpse into what life in Nicaragua is really like, I like it.

Last night I said goodbye to the SMBL (Spanish Man with Broken Leg) and he was hanging out with a crew of ladies from Montreal, Quebec. They were enjoying rum while I casually sipped on cold beer from a glass. When it was done I said my farewell and left. He was an interesting gentleman. Believe it or not, ran into a gent from Quebec on the road here that I’ve met elsewhere on my travels, ha.

Would continue but I have a business call to attend in 2.7 minutes.

Always remember “you’ll never know unless you go”.

Tips hat,

P.S: They have a sick looking dungeon gym here as well.


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