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Bored By Sunbathing? Here’s What to Do at the Beach

Bored By Sunbathing? Here’s What to Do at the Beach

There are beach people and there are non-beach people. Those who fall into the former category tend to be totally at peace with posting up on the sand hour after hour, day after day, with no real need to do much of anything but soak up the sun and enjoy the sound of the crashing waves. On the other hand, those in the non-beach camp tend to struggle with the idea of staying put for a few hours, let alone several days.

And we feel both sides! If you’re more of the active type or struggle to relax, beach days can seem boring and uneventful. But there are plenty of things you can do at the beach besides simply lounging around. Beach-friendly games and activities of all sorts will help keep you engaged so you enjoy every minute spent seaside. Here are some things to do if you tend to get bored by the beach!

avoid being bored at the beach
  • Play a Round of CROSSNET—Active beach-goers, meet your new favorite beach activity! Described as a cross between volleyball and four square, CROSSNET is an uber-engaging outdoor game that will keep you in a state of rousing competition for hours. Why does it make the best beach game ever? Besides the fact that it’s extremely fun and inclusive for groups, it’s also easy to transport and collapses down to fit in a travel backpack so you can easily tote it to your spot.
  • Go Fly a Kite (Literally)—Kites are a common sight on pretty much all beaches, and for good reason. They, of course, need wind to fly, so the open air and soft sea breeze make them a lot easier to get going at the beach. With so many fun designs available, this is an especially fun activity if you’ve got youngsters with you.
  • Break Out the Metal Detector—Have you ever wanted to hunt for buried treasure? People have found some really cool stuff detecting, including a cache of gold and silver worth roughly $5.3 million that was discovered in Staffordshire, England and a nearly 400-year-old gold chalice that was found in Key West. Finding all those lost wedding rings and earrings will be well worth it, but you’ll probably have to dig up your fair share of trash first!
  • Try an Open-Air Workout—You’re already sweating from sitting in the hot sun, so why not push yourself further and get a little exercise while you’re at it? Taking a jog on the beach is definitely not the only way to get your fitness points in while you’re hanging on the sand. Some other amazing beach workouts include:
    • Water running, which involves using the resistance of the waves to make your workout extra-challenging.
    • Beach yoga. Many coastal areas offer beach yoga courses throughout the day, but you could simply follow a routine on your phone or do one from memory.
    • Beach cycling on the beach with a beach cruiser bicycle. Catch some amazing views and cover more ground with a long ride.
    • Simple bodyweight workouts, such as burpees and push-ups, can be done basically anywhere, including the beach.
    • Sand bucket hauling. Bring sandcastle-building gear for the kiddos? Fill those buckets up with wet sand and haul them to and from the water for a seriously tough full-body workout.
  • Toss the Frisbee or Ball—Don’t forget to pack something you can toss around with a partner throughout the day. If you’re going on vacation and plan to fly to your destination, stick to something relatively compact and packable, such as a small frisbee. To add to the fun, choose one that’s water-friendly so you can toss it around while you cool off. Tip: You can also pack a deflated football or volleyball and a small hand pump to save some space in your luggage or beach bag.
  • Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding—Stand up paddle (SUP) boarding is gaining a ton of steam, and it’s not hard to see why. For one, it works basically all the muscles in the body, including the arms, legs and core. For two, standup paddle boarding is extremely fun! It allows you to cover plenty of ground while you paddle around sightseeing on the water. The key here is to take your SUP board into calm waters and coves rather than a choppy open ocean, where it may be hard to stabilize.
  • Do a Little Beach Bowling—Beach bowling is a simple and straightforward way to get your whole crew involved. You can create the perfect sandy bowling alley in a number of ways, including purchasing a plastic bowling set and setting it up on packed sand. Another fun riff on beach bowling is a game we like to call Roll in the Hole. This challenge involves rolling tennis balls from varying distances and aiming for holes you’ve dug into the sand.
  • Go Hounding for Treasure—You don’t need a metal detector to unearth buried treasure by the sea. There are so many fun things to search for in between lounge sessions. From driftwood to shells and sea glass, a little beachcombing can be exceptionally rewarding. To make it even more exciting, comb for things that are a bit out of the ordinary, such as fossils or the teeth and bones of sea creatures. You never know what you might find if you keep your eyes on the sand!
  • Play Some Beach Paddle-ball—Another fantastic and portable beach game for those who love a little active competition, beach paddle-ball involves using two paddles and a ball to play a more compact and portable version of tennis. You don’t need any fancy equipment for this game, just a couple of paddle balls and a racquet ball. Simply draw a line in the sand to designate your court.

Even if you’re not a bonafide beach person, there’s plenty of fun to be had by the water! Just make sure to pack some exciting games or prep some activities so you never feel like time spent at the beach is time wasted.

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