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Be a Good Person: 3 Ways to Have a Positive Impact on the World

Have you thought about your place in the world?

If everyone thought more about the impact they have on, not only other people, but the planet itself, we’d be in a much better place globally. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the trials and tribulations of your own life, but what makes a good person is being able to look at things greater than yourself. 

In this post, we’re going to give you 3 tips on how to be a good person. These small changes will help you leave a lasting and positive impact on the world.

What are some changes you can make in your daily life to positively impact the world? Learn our tips for how to be a good person here.

1. Support Causes You Believe In

Being a good person can take many forms in someone’s life. One way that you can measure your positive impact on the world is by how you get involved with and support causes you believe in. Whether this is an anti-racist organization, fighting climate change, or supporting artists through an organization like Creative Community For Peace; helping out in any way possible goes a long way.

It doesn’t always have to be through financial means that you support these kinds of organizations. In many circumstances, getting out there and volunteering your time to spread the message is just as valuable as whatever donation you might make. Of course, if you can afford to donate money, that always helps to bolster a charity’s ability to function.

The key here is following your heart actively instead of passively. The more you get involved with charity work, the more you can expose yourself to different people in different circumstances, and the better person you can become as a result.

2. Work On Yourself

To have a positive impact on the world, you have to understand that you’re not perfect and you can always improve yourself. We all have our flaws, but the more you’re willing to improve yourself and eradicate those flaws, the better you’ll be to yourself and others.

Maybe you have a bad temper and get angry with people easily, or maybe you’ve always made excuses for the way you behave. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past, it’s about being the best person you can be in the moment and in future moments. 

Be honest with yourself about your flaws and think about what you can do to be better. This is an ongoing journey, so you’ll have lots of time to improve upon yourself.

3. Consider Your Impact On The Planet

We don’t just impact other people with our actions, we also impact the planet, probably more so. Most of us are raised with an anthropocentric worldview, which is understandable since we are humans. However, this worldview exists at the expense of flourishing forests, clear water, and clean air.

Maybe the most important step one can make towards becoming a good person is considering their individual impact on the environment. Small individual changes for the better of the environment are easy to make, but they might not get us all the way there. 

When thinking about our impact on the planet, we also have to consider how we enable the truly bad actors – huge corporations that make billions off of pollution – and how we can put a stop to it. Being vocal and pushing for policy change is the only way forward.

How Can You Be a Good Person?

Who doesn’t want to be a good person? It’s less about desire and more about the willingness to act upon those desires and make a meaningful personal change. These are a few ways that you can become a good person, but there are many other ways to go about it too. 

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