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Back to Beach Business @ SHABL


I’m done my volunteer gig, thankfully. Odessa is basically a resort town from what I’ve gathered so the place to be is the beach. Met up with some random friends I’ve met at a small beach bar along the coast. Weekends are great but all days are good at the beach in Odessa. The deals along the beach are some of the best I’ve seen outside of SE Asia.

If you’re in a resort city, going to the beach is basically what it’s all about. Considering I’m done helping out at the school, weight off my shoulders. Not feeling bloggy so this will be brief. Plan on being here another 2-3 days before moving on to Kiev and then Moldova and beyond.

Odessa has been a great time thus far, hit up a pub briefly last night, very vibrant scene and full of life. This city has a lot of history and a lot of interesting people from around the world, have heard too many great things about Kiev not to visit.

Have a sick weekend.

Tips hat,

P.S: It’s the Holiday Fashion Week in Odessa this weekend, indeed.

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