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Arizona Pros and Cons: Should You Make the Move?

Did you know that 8.4% of Americans relocated in 2021, according to moving rates statistics from the Census Bureau? The cost of living, weather, and employment rate are all important factors to know before moving to any city or state.

If you are currently considering making the move to Arizona, it’s important to know a lot of things to consider before you start packing your bags. From food to festivals, there are plenty of pros when it comes to living in this gorgeous state. As everyone will agree, the heat is a con!


If you’re ready to bask in the heat and ready to move to the place, here are some of Arizona’s pros and cons to consider. Read on.

The Pros

Moving to Arizona can be a bit tricky, so we’ve put together the top pros of living in Arizona to make your moving experience a lot easier. Here are the pros that you need to know:

Low Taxes

Arizona does not have a state income tax, and the state sales tax is comparatively low. Residents can generally enjoy a combined rate of slightly less than 8 percent.

Property taxes are way below the national average, and there is also no inheritance or estate tax in Arizona. However, depending on your city of residence, you may still be subject to local sales taxes.

Affordable Housing

You’ll find that Arizona’s cost of living and the availability of new and used homes is much lower than in other parts of the US. New homes may be as much as 25% less than you’ll pay in other states, and you’ll find that utilities are also lower than in many parts of the country.

It may be beneficial to familiarize yourself with the various housing options Arizona has to offer. You may get more details with Arizona real estate about the community housing and neighborhoods available.

The Cons of Living in Arizona

Arizona is a great place to live and visit due to its beautiful scenery, but it comes with some drawbacks. It is important to be aware of the cons before deciding to make the move.

Extreme Heat

Arizona is notorious for extremely hot temps, so if you move here, you must take precautions to avoid becoming overheated. Sunscreens, hats, and light clothing are must-haves while outdoors during peak heat hours. Make sure to stay hydrated and rest in the shade whenever possible.

Homeowners in the area must be prepared to use air conditioning more frequently to stay cool. Even during the winter months, temperatures rarely dip too low, making it a great state for outdoor activity year-round.

Limited Public Transportation

Limited public transportation can be a major hindrance to those who do not have access to a car or who cannot afford one. Despite the area having some bus service, there are fewer stops and limited schedules. It can also be difficult to get anywhere utilizing public transportation, as most services only run a handful of times each day.

Consider Arizona’s Pros and Cons

Arizona offers many benefits for those considering a move, but it may not be right for everyone. From affordable housing to a warm climate, there are many reasons to consider relocating.

Weighing Arizona’s pros and cons is an important step for anyone considering living there. If you think Arizona could be a good fit, then contact a real estate agent today to start making your dreams of living in Arizona a reality!

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