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Are Certain Demographics More at Risk of Depression?

When depression becomes the focal point of your life, everything else seems like a chore. It is a suffocating condition that can easily morph into a chronic problem. Recent demographic data has shown a surprising link to depression that may help specialists figure out better treatments. 


Women face the highest risk of depression among adults. They are twice as likely as men to suffer from major depression. This includes other associated disorders like panic attacks, anxiety attacks and phobias. There is a lot more to this statistic than meets the eye, and where a top drug and alcohol rehab program comes into play. 

Traumatic events like miscarriages changes the mentality of the sufferer. Postpartum depression is a very real, and very dangerous condition for women. The raw emotions that come from a miscarriage can often be subtle enough to mistake as normal sadness. 

And when things get too rough, normal sadness can morph into major depression. Like a virus, untreated depression has a way of clinging onto its host. A mother suffering from major depression will deal with grief, anger, and an overwhelming lack of self-worth. With chronic depression, the emotions affect everyone that lives in the same home as the sufferer.

Social Classes

For the most part, people get to enjoy a comfortable life minus a few financial hiccups. When those financial mistakes turn into life altering issues, then the depression money sink begins.

A depression money sink is when an individual ties their self-worth to the amount of money that they’re not making. They feel like the world is a giant wheel that is impossible to take a break from. As the depression sets in, surmountable money issues seem impossible. This leads to irresponsible spending to chase a high that creates a sense of euphoria. Although this feeling is temporary, it is the escapism that the individual craves.

This is why drug use is common with lower income classes around the world. For many people, depression creates a barrier that makes it impossible to see a positive financial future. Everyone has struggles with money, but major depression makes it seem like there is no hope. 

Teen Anxiety

Women and low-income individuals are in the most danger of suffering from depression. These two demographics paint a picture of two groups with completely different outlets for depression. What’s often overlooked when discussing depression is how young teens ignore the signs. Anxiety is a crisis in schools across the world. School campaigns concentrate on nullifying the bullying portion, but often miss the common signs of teen depression.

Unlike adults, teens have less options to deal with their developing emotions – that makes them a high-risk group for mental illness. Adults have to be proactive in noticing and helping teens that show signs of major depression. A little attention goes a long way when it comes to teenagers that show mental illness symptoms. 

The Road Is Tough

Depression attacks when you least expect it, and can linger for years without proper treatment. Ignoring the signs will only make things worse for the person suffering from the symptoms. If you feel depression is taking control of your life, then take the steps to rid it from your mind. 

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