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Another Night Train from Stavanger to Oslo, Norway

Greetangz (sic),

We here at SHABL are core, aka we do things with NO HALF STEPPING, no room breathing room and most certainly, no resting periods. I have now been homeless without a shower or bed since Sunday at 2pm. Took another night train from Stavanger to Oslo, Norway last night. The train was packed, indeed it was. Still love the train as it beast the other options of bus and car rental.

So the plan is this, was going to hit Amsterdam up for 7 hours, hang out with a coder buddy of mine I met at 7am when I first arrived from Hong Kong with those Spanish ladies… Turns out the Copenhagen train ONLY GOES on Saturday so I have arranged a 24 hour trip, European train style. I love riding the train in Europe, fyi. If the hostel is cheap, I will stay 1 more night, why not!? Amsterdam BABY!!!

The trip is Oslo – Goteborg – Lund – Berlin – Hilversum – Amsterdam, wow.

Man this Eurail Pass is MONEY! I am definitely at like 2500-4000E worth of 1st class tickets, who needs a bed, who needs anything, who needs a head when you can just jump on any train from Stavanger to Lake Bled. That being said a hotel would be nice right about now. I will one day write a bender train trip guide on how if one wanted to… Just ride the rails and screw rent.

So yeah, Amsterdam, going to roll in, grab myself egregious quantities of COFFEE, call my friend and just chill out by the canals and talk about grandiose plans that span from Japan to Iran, from the ¤”#¤# chicken coup to my frying pan, stuff like that.

After that, probably hit up Prague, maybe Brno. Supposedly Brno is like Prague but way cheaper and you get to see way more Czech people aka smoking ladies. Prague is filled with touristy troglodytes like myself and rich business people like myself in 10 years, snore, yawn.

From there, go visit my lady friend in Poland and stock up on electronics, we are changing gears here. My 11.5 month bender was great and one h3ll of an insurance policy against a mid life crisis. While you, sit back in your leather chair and hard wood desk, stressing over things that do not matter, I will not. There is no way I will ever look back and say, wait, I have not lived, time to grow long hair and buy a Harley!

Last bender we here at SHABL took was 11 weeks when graduating Unversity, my house burnt down and I got a fat check, biggest sum I ever had which now is less than I spent in Europe, hahah what a decade makes… Anyways, I put a beer down one night and then vanished and became known as a hermit to my friends. From the guy who was always in to the guy who was NEVER in until they stopped calling. I did however bank a lot of coin,  I am a workaholic in case you did not know.

Now, we had the big brother bender which was an 11.5 month bender through 30 odd countries and countless everything. It was great, it was grand but it is now time to chill out and gap up to the next level of living, indeed it is.

Greece, Italy, why go there single? When I am old and approaching vanilla gay aka 47.5 years of age, I am sure wifey will be like let us go to Rome, let us sail a boat in Greece and I will be like, ya, sure, whatever let us dump the kids first at grandmas.

Speaking of kids, so many whiny kids last night on that train, I felt like shaking the parent awake and screaming in their face tame your wild animal, tame them or I will, just kidding. I hate kids, unless they are mine and I have none. Oh well not really, I think of kids like dogs, it is cool for like 20 minutes until they get needy then you can take care of them and clean up their crap while I go do crap that interests me, indeed.

Dependence is depression, I digress.

Regardless, Poland is supposedly cheap for electronics, time to stock up and I figure if I do not party that much, I can buy whatever I want and it will pay for itself. Lots of ideas here, just need to find the right coders, maybe I should lock myself in a room and pay a lady in Bangkok to slide thin crust pizzas under the door for 2 years and come out a better coder then Mark Z, just kidding that is impossible.

There was a bus to Stockholm this morning at 7:25, missed it by 10 minutes but these 2 Indian and Paki guys made my day, we talk, have a smoke, they hook me up with a free coffee and ask me about Canada, said it was dope. They said ya, but too many g0d d@mn pakis right? That shiz is funny when they are paki, anyways good guys I know they dont read this but I flick my Jagr cap at em.

Hey, I think I need to go to a dentist, there is sooooo much eye candy here that my eyes are literally rotting in the sockets while old men who have no female contact walk around with packs of quarters in their pockets, for real.

Yeah, said all I need to say, this no computer is killing me. I am like living on trains and train stations with no electronics. Free wifi and I am paying 12E an hour, whatever, clears throat, there goes 12E on the floor, need to quit smoking. Have not bought a pack in Norway, they want 12E, ridonkulous.

Amsterdam awaits, yummy, tasty, fun.

Flick of the cap,

Oh ya, I have something in the works that I will use for myself as I am an unrelenting glutton OR I will may make some of your summers next year, just join the facebook fan page and quit being so vanilla.

Seems like every time I go to Poland it involves an arduous journey, oh well it is always worth it and I would always do double the trip if necessary. That said, who knows if I will go to Poland or not hahaha.

P.S: No backpackers read travel blogs fyi.

P.P.S: I am glad I am net short, the market is tanking but not enough as my (had to erase this, it is hilarious but insults way too many people, sometime I wish this was anonymous).

P.P.P.S: Still using Internet Explorer? Go get Mozilla Firefox, Opera OR Chrome, IE is total garbage and they are all free.

Search Du Jour!?:  Joker saying why so serious – Result, here.

Dont worry, he is ok, be happy.

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