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All Good Things Must Come to an End

steadmans little corn island
Good day,

The old saying “all good things must come to an end” is very true and no exception regarding my stay on Little Corn Island. Yesterday I booked a flight from Corn Island to Managua one way for $120US all taxes in. The return ticket is $165 or so. If you go by boat, panga, bus and cargo ship it will cost roughly $30. Unless you want an adventure just buy the return ticket but I digress…

In the past I’ve traveled faster than my stint here in Nicaragua. I’ve been in the country for almost 3 months and have been mainly based out of Little Corn Island, Las Penitas and Leon. There is no better way to travel than the one you choose but they are very different. I didn’t see as much but I really saw everything(as much as you ever can) if that makes sense. On a beach it’s easy to see a postcard but harder to be able to identify the subtler elements which make the whole. My time on Little Corn has changed my perspective even more than say that recent trip to Montreal. Could seriously live here forever and that is no joke.

Something interesting about everything and which also gives every moment value is the idea of change. No scene ever stays the same and the fact that everything ends makes things more special while you’re there if you take the time to realize it.  Feel very lucky to have stumbled upon a group of people in Las Penitas that were coming here and encouraged me to join, was apartment shopping in Leon. Leon is great but on the inspiration-o-meter it’s count is low in comparison to Little Corn.

If you’re in Central America, highly recommend you visit the Corn Islands. This has piqued my interest for the The Bay Islands of Honduras and Bocas Del Toro in Panama. Rumor has it that Bocas has the best beaches, The Bay Islands have the best diving and the Corn Islands are in the middle for both. There is nothing wrong with that, I assure you.

It’s another beautiful day and someone is making a delicious morning beverage. The power on my laptop is dwindling at the same pace as my stay here. Being a long term traveler is very different than taking a trip. Whenever you have an end date, it creeps into the now and clouds it even on the sunniest of days. The feeling of never having to leave somewhere you like is priceless and if you’re into this whole  “try something new with your life” mentality, suggest you make the necessary arrangements.

Another few days and it’s off to Miami…

Tips hat,

P.S: Photo is from Steadman’s which is also cheapest on the beach side and has arguably best view.

P.P.S: Got a massage from the lady who has the sign in the photo, it was ok.

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