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After 1000 Days of Traveling, What’s Next!?

Good day,

Looks like I missed it by a day or so but yesterday or the day before was 1000 days of travel and guess what, 1000 days of SHABL. In the last 1000 days aka 2.x years I’ve made a total of 939 updates excluding this one. Larissa is already up to 20 which leaves 41 days out of 1000 that I didn’t blog, rest assured I was busy though… So where do you go after traveling the world for 1000 days? Do you just go home and cry to mom and dad about how fun life was after removing your own scales / spine so you can fit back into the sardine tin you once escaped!? No,of course you don’t… You make egregious plans, that is what you do…

Before we get deep into plans, let me refresh our memories with some exploits from the past… We’ll include the good, the bad, the awesome and the down right horrific simply because that’s how we roll around here. Cool?

I’ve met 10000’s of interesting people who have helped shape the man writing this today, I’ve seen roughly 50 countries, been to hundreds of cities, eaten too many world class meals to count, compound fractured my forehead in Vietnam,  invited to attend press trips by national tourist boards, been left feeling morose after malaria, dysentery and relapsing fever all at once, met my mother in Italy, survived rabies in Bangkok, a serious staph infection in Indonesia, went behind the scenes and met struggling families outside Moldova, slept in a cashew tree fort along the coast of Africa for 5 weeks,  slept on the streets scared out of my mind, been happier than I could ever describe, had my teeth cleaned around the world and ultimately bought a piece of property on an up and coming Caribbean Island where I plan on building a “Caribbean Compound” aka a “Blog Base” for the ages…

That’s been a pretty busy 1000 days, yes!? No, let’s not mess around that’s been a pretty fantastic 1000 days… I’d argue it’s been the best 1000 days of my life without a doubt and if you asked me to list 10 crazy things that have happened in my life, they’d all be from those 1000, all of them. All from days of magic and mystery where I’ve woke up each morning and walked to the side of the sea and let myself get taken away by the ever screaming current of fate and fortune … But what next? Where does one go from here? Does one just sit around and blog about the past, giving advice on where to buy sticky rice in Bangkok or how to find a comfy bed in Barcelona!? That’s ludicrous, you change, you adapt and you expand…

Attending conferences is going to become a priority for the time being so I can play a more active roll in the development of this industry. There are lots of interesting things happening but more importantly, lots of interesting personalities to get to know. We’ll never know unless we go and I’m ready to find out… The action all starts tomorrow night at this Brewery in the downtown core of Denver, yes! I like the idea of showing up somewhere new because anything can happen and that’s the truth.

We’re also going to be making some changes around here… I’m a fan of “talk is cheap” so I won’t bore you with them, you’ll see them when they happen but realize that we realize you either “adapt or die” in this world and we quite like this world, thank you very much.

See you in Denver and the start of the next 1000 days…

Tips hat,

P.S: Every time you see a STOP SIGN, think of SHABL and use it as a reminder to keep the spice simmering in your life.

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