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A Quick Intro To Virtual Offices: What Every Freelancer Needs To Know

Are you looking to set up a freelance business soon?

Congratulations! This is a steep learning curve and, without sounding pessimistic, there is a lot you will need to learn in a very short period of time in order for this role to work out. If you are like the majority of freelancers, you will be working from home, which saves on commuting costs!

However, if you are looking to attract clients, giving out your home address as your work address may not be the best option. This is where renting a virtual office comes into play and here, you will be walked through what a virtual office space is, to help you assess if one could be beneficial to your business.

Intermittent Office Space

When you are looking for virtual office space, whether it is in London or whether you are looking at a virtual office Birmingham, the first thing to note is that you don’t always need to use these spaces.

You can search for one near you, sign up to rent the space, and then you can leave it. It is ideal if you are working from home to have an office space with your name on it, as this can give you a higher status vibe when you are looking for clients. However, you don’t need to ever physically set foot in the building!

Mail Receiving and Forwarding

The majority of freelancers who use virtual offices do so to receive mail from clients. This protects the freelancer’s privacy (such as concealing their personal address) and also allows clients to have a reliable address to send mail.

However, it doesn’t end there; virtual offices have staff working onsite who can alert you to any mail you have received. They can then forward it to you or, with your permission, open it and send you images so you can see what the correspondence is about.

Live Answering Services

If you predict that you are going to be receiving a lot of mail or calls about your services, then it is well worth investigating if the virtual office you are thinking about renting can offer live answering services.

Again, these offices do have staff like receptionists and personal assistants that can answer calls and relay messages for you, which will certainly impress your clients. So, assess if this is an additional service you are happy to pay for when looking into choosing a virtual office.

Targeted Services

They are called virtual offices, but there are a few virtual things about them! These spaces are designed to appeal to freelancers from different walks of life. So, if you are a photographer, you can look into a virtual office that has a dark room to develop photos. If you are a writer, you may want an office space that allows you to work in peace. 

Meeting Space

Lastly, if you are looking to land a client and they want to meet you, a virtual office can become worth its weight in gold. These offices have onsite meeting areas, which you can use as and when you need to make a good impression on your clients and land contracts! Great stuff!

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