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A Guide to the Best Brands of Ammo in 2023

Firearms are a part of life in the United States, with over 295 million privately owned firearms inside the borders of the US. Whether used for target shooting, hunting, or self-defense, it’s vital that you act as a safe and responsible gun owner. Part of gun ownership is finding the proper size and quality of ammunition.

A safe shooting experience starts with finding the best brands of ammo. Cutting corners puts you and those around you in a compromised position, but buying quality ammo options provides accurate firing and a safe experience.


Fortunately, you’ve found the right resource to weigh your options and find the best types of ammo for your budget and purpose. Continue reading to explore the best ammo brands today!

Federal Premium Ammunition

Federal Premium Ammunition is a classic option when shopping for more ammo for your firearms. You’ll likely find their offerings in stores nationwide, with Gold Metal Match being the top-of-the-line option. If you’re seeking a budget option from Federal, American Eagle is an excellent starting point.

Cascade Cartridges, Inc

Another option among the top brands of ammo is Cascade Cartridges. CCI is one of the leading names for rimfire ammunition, making it perfect if you need to find 9mm ammo for sale. The Stinger rounds are popular, as are the Standard Velocity .22LR rounds.

CCI is also an outstanding option if you’re seeking affordable practice ammunition. Blazer Brass is dependable, accurate, and affordable. Explore what CCI can offer when shopping for bulk ammo for your firearms.


Wolf is an ammo brand worth considering if you use military-grade firearms using steel casings. It’s one of the best ammo options if you seek 7.62mm or 5.56mm rounds for your rifles. They’re affordable, and you’ll find that Wolf rounds get the job done.

It won’t stand up to the best brands of ammo on the market, but it’s a tremendous practice round at an affordable price point. Explore their options and find ammo compatible with your firearm to be a responsible gun owner.


CCI owns Speer, a beloved ammo company by law enforcement officers nationwide. They’re a go-to option if you need high-quality self-defense ammunition.

Many police departments and law enforcement agencies depend on Speer for bulk ammo needs. It’s such a famous brand with law enforcement that Speer designed a round for LEOs called the “Lawman” round.

They’re also the manufacturers of Gold Dot ammo. It’s one of the top rounds for individuals with concealed carry licenses. You’re also supporting a US brand when buying ammo from Speer.

Explore These Brands of Ammo Today

Shopping for bulk ammo for your firearms is an extensive process, and the best starting point is narrowing your favorite brands of ammo. Speer provides top-notch self-defense ammo, while Wolf is an excellent option for affordable practice rounds for military-grade rifles. Federal Premium Ammunition is another popular and accessible option to consider as a responsible gun owner.

Knowing how to maximize your money is vital to saving for the retirement you deserve. Explore our Daily Life blog content for the best tips to get more from each day!

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