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7 Tips For Making Your Office More Comfortable For Clients

No matter your industry, having a comfortable and inviting office space is imperative to building great client relationships. While we always consider aesthetics and attractiveness when designing our office, comfort is an essential feature that should never be dismissed. 

You don’t necessarily have to bring in a beanbag or massage chair to make your space more comfortable for your clients. Incorporating simple things like thoughtful decorations or a coffee machine stocked with coffee beans is usually enough to give your office the inviting feel it needs. With that said, let’s take a look at a few ways to make your office a more welcoming place for clients.

Decorate with Art

The first thing your clients will notice when they step into your office is the way it looks- so it’s important that your office is decorated to the nines. Though many people try to purchase stiff yet luxurious items, it’s a better idea to use thoughtful decorations to create an inviting vibe. Hanging up cheerful pieces of art, displaying a custom canvas print highlighting a place you traveled, or even placing photos of your team members are all good ways to make your office space feel more comfortable for its visitors. Art can increase productivity while enhancing wellbeing, so you can’t go wrong with incorporating it into your workspace.

Get Into Greenery

Another way to decorate your space is to add plants and flowers into the mix. Plants are wonderful additions for aesthetic purposes but also double as indoor air cleaners, so they will ensure that your office always has fresh and clean air cycling through. Plants also have numerous health benefits– so they’re great for both your clients and yourself!

Keep Your Space Well Lit

No one likes working in hostile conditions, and your client won’t want to visit them either. Making sure your space is well lit is extremely important in maintaining a comfortable work zone. Natural lighting is very beneficial for our mental health, so the office should be filled with as much light as possible. This may mean restructuring your desk and other furniture so that it is closest to a window, and ensuring that the blinds are open at all times. If you’ve got the budget, you should also consider investing in a skylight to let in more light.

Adjust the Temperature

Your office should never be too hot or too cold. While we all have our preferences, it’s important to prioritize your clients comfort here- so make sure if you like it a bit chilly or warm, that you’re only fiddling with the heating system when you know you have a free day by yourself. Having the temperature set too low can lead to a decrease in performance and will be off-putting for any visitors, so try to set it at a cozy level. 

Keep it Organized

Your clients have made time for you, so show them you appreciate them by keeping your space neat and tidy. With the natural flow of office spaces, it’s normal to get clutter from time to time. However, a tidy space is inherently more inviting and means your clients won’t be tripping over work boxes when they enter the room.

To help you keep organized, invest in additional filing cabinets and trays to keep your sheets and work paraphernalia in good order. Take a look online for some chic desk organizers so your office will not only be tidy, but aesthetically pleasing.

Invest in Comfortable Furniture

No one likes sitting on a stiff chair, so make sure your office furniture is comfortable. Investing in some cosy best office chair or couches will ensure your client isn’t counting down the minutes until they can leave and will actually want to visit you again. The more comfortable your office is, the better your client’s experience will be, making it an absolute essential for client-facing businesses.

Make your Clients Feel Like Guests

You want your clients to have a good experience in your office, and most importantly you want them to continue to come back and work with you. To achieve this, you’ll need to treat them as well as you would guests in your home. It would also be a great to give them something, a token or any branded company swag ideas

Make sure that they have easy access to coffee, water and are aware of your office layout in case they need to access the bathrooms. The more comfortable your office is, the better your client’s experience will be, so it’s fundamental in building a strong working relationship.

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