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7 Reasons Tourists are Traveling to Chernobyl

Chernobyl is one of the most incredible and mesmerizing events that has happened in the last 100 years. The incident is known all over the world, with many scientists are still conducting studies about Chernobyl, and millions of people talking about it.

The mystery and conspiracy theories surrounding Chernobyl make it all the more interesting. So, it’s not surprising that to this day, 35 years later, many people are still interested in Chernobyl. And does the fact that Chernobyl is a popular tourist destination surprise you? If you want to know more, I’ll tell you 7 reasons why people are visiting Chernobyl.


1. Chernobyl is a huge story worldwide

From books, movies, TV series, etc. Chernobyl’s story has been numerous times by many authors. The most famous and recent one is probably the miniseries titles “Chernobyl”, released in 2019. The show was broadcasted by HBO and watched by more than six million people all over the world.

I mean, millions of people have visited New Zealand thanks to Lord of The Ring, so Chernobyl is no different than that. Many people have heard of the story of Chernobyl, and visiting the actual place is like the next logical step for many people. Before that, some famous novels and documentaries have created waves of new tourists. And I don’t think people will get bored of Chernobyl for many years to come.

2. Chernobyl Story Tours

Just like many popular tourist destinations in the world, Chernobyl also has tours. The Chernobyl Tours is a completely safe and exciting tour that you can participate in. Before you depart, there some requirements that you have to know, e.g. you have to be older than 18 and choose either a group tour or personal tour.

The order process is surprisingly easy, once you have deposited 20% of the fee, you’re considered to have booked a trip to Chernobyl. Additionally, there are seven types of a tour that you can choose here: 1 to 6 days tour and a private tour. Just looking at the website gets me really excited to go to Ukraine, what about you?

3. 35 years isn’t that long ago

People love hearing stories from World War 2 veterans and meeting them in person is a privilege for some. Some people witnessed and survived Chernobyl and 35 years isn’t that long ago, these people are still alive and ready to tell their stories. This makes Chernobyl closer and more relatable to many travelers.

Imagine being there in Ukraine and get to talk to Chernobyl survivors. It gives a unique and extraordinary experience that many travelers are looking for.

4. Taking out-of-this-world pictures

If you have looked at the pictures of Chernobyl and got chills down your spine, imagine taking those pictures yourself. This is why many people are visiting Chernobyl. There are always more places, animals, and people to be captured with your camera.

My favorite is the pictures of an abandoned amusement park in the ghost town of Pripyat. Seeing this giant rusty ferry wheel still standing tall is amazing to me. Even more amazing that the location isn’t far from the Chernobyl nuclear plant.

5. To challenge themselves

Tourists visit difficult and challenging places like Mount Everest, the Saharan Desert, or the Amazon forest for the challenge and adrenaline rush. And Chernobyl is without a doubt a challenging and scary place to visit that can make even a seasoned traveler excited.

Some travelers even said that visiting Chernobyl is like going on a pilgrimage. The quietness, eeriness, and knowing what has transpired in the area are what make Chernobyl is a special tourist destination. There is no other place like Chernobyl, and even more interesting is the fact that it is man-made, which makes your trip here would be more exciting.

Another thing that I want to say is how some travelers are affected or lured by the contradiction that Chernobyl has. They went into the area and immediately felt like they should leave the place, yet for some strange reason, they wanted to go in deeper and explore more.

6. Watching nature takes over

Surprisingly, many people love seeing nature take over man-made constructions or civilizations. In Chernobyl, you’ll see many abandoned buildings, vehicles, gardens and parks, and many more. There is this strange beauty knowing that people used to live here and now nature has taken over once again.

Numerous travelers have spoken up about how they felt seeing abandoned school buses and elementary schools. They said that they felt free and unchained, and how surprised they are when they realized nor even the mountains or jungles can make them feel that way.

7. People visit for the animals

Speaking for nature, animals that reside in Chernobyl are always an interesting topic to talk about. People know that and are visiting Chernobyl just to observe the wildlife. These animals have been surviving in a contaminated zone, traversing areas where they couldn’t go 35 years ago. If you want to observe them, don’t forget to bring your camera and journal.

Please follow the instruction when visiting Chernobyl

Chernobyl is exciting to visit, but please remember that some areas are still dangerous to visit. There are some dos and don’ts that you must follow at all costs. Visiting Chernobyl is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and would be a shame to ruin it by breaking the rules.

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