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6 Things Homeowners Can Do to Make Windows More Aesthetically Pleasing

Your house’s windows serve as its eyes, so they should be lovely. A dynamic window treatment is your best choice since not only does the style you select need to be appealing, but it will also ultimately determine the amount of light that is cast into the space. Through our decoration suggestions, you’ll receive all of the inspiration you need.

Window treatments, more than any other single design element, can strongly influence how a home looks and feels. Don’t make them an aside in the design process because they can enhance an interior design and unify a space.

Add a Vibrant Splash of Color and Window Boxes

If you’re new to DIY, painting is a simple and quick operation. To make your windows stand out from the exterior walls of your house, paint them a vivid color or something dark, like black. Adding to the fun: Use a variety of hues. All sections of the trim that cover the windows should be painted one color, while the trim around the window’s edge should be painted a different color.

Build flower-filled window boxes for your home’s exterior for another method to add color. Window boxes offer your property depth and enhance its curb appeal. They don’t require a lot of tools and are also rather easy to assemble. Finish them up with paint or stain.

Design That Doubles as Both “Day” and “Night”

Bi-fold doors and picture windows have a lovely appearance, but on really hot days, the sun’s glare can be an issue. With one set of simple brackets, this ingenious design integrates a sunshade on the back to block glare and provide seclusion during the day and a black curtain blind for the front to provide nighttime shading.

Acquire Privacy

Try timeless wooden shutters for a window decoration that won’t go out of style. Shutters look attractive both inside and out, making them perfect for historical buildings.

Café-style shutters are a perfect pick because they offer privacy while letting in natural light. Shutters can be expensive, so for longevity, you can just choose white. The people at Shuttercraft offer a stunning selection of the best materials, along with a custom color service and optional accessories you can choose from for your plantation shutters. They are a fantastic way to combine light and privacy in your home.

Think about the type of atmosphere you want to build and select a model of shutters that will transform your area. Full-height shutters, also known as made-to-measure shutters, are among the most common shutter styles. Aside from their beautiful appearance, wooden shutters have several advantages for your home.

Soft Sheers Can Produce a Rosy Glow

During the hotter summer months, swap out your heavy winter drapes and shutters for lightweight voiles and floating sheers. Sheer fabrics are a simple way to add brightness to a space while maintaining a high level of privacy.

Simple wave curtain headings will cause your curtains to fall in smooth, floating waves. Pair it up with a gently pleated blind for something like a laid-back, casual effect.

Sheer curtains made of voile or chiffon fabric, a contemporary update on classic lace curtains, are a great choice for decorating windows in spaces where you want to let light in but don’t want passersby to be able to look in, such as glazed exterior doors or cloakrooms.

Install a Double Pole

You can hang a transparent one as well as a curtain all around the bay window, but you can draw them separately thanks to a creative twin-pole design. Normally, brackets prevent curtain rings from being drawn all the way together around the bay; however, this design incorporates passing rings that enable this.

On both curtains, leaving the conventional heading tape ungathered produces a softer, more casual look. For a tidy finish, keep the sheers at sheer length. For great impact in a bay, choose floor-length drapes.

Pair a bright, contemporary flowery drape fabric with a floral-patterned voile to draw attention to a drape and sheer.

Think About Using a Pelmet

Use a flat pelmet laid over voile curtains with matching tie-backs to update a classic curtain appearance. As it conceals drape poles and other fittings, this style gives your windows a tidy appearance.

By choosing pillows that coordinate with the fabric of your pelmet and tie-backs, you may create the appearance of a chic hotel room. To mimic the style of an embellished, shaped pelmet, choose a straightforward geometrical pattern with a Moroccan feel. However, keep the colors light and impartial for a more contemporary appearance.

You can see that there are a few ways you can try to make the windows look nicer and more stylish. You’ll be able to improve the appearance of your property by using these suggestions! 

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