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6 Reasons Why You Should Never Get a DUI Charge

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a common offense in the United States. According to statistics, 32 people die daily due to drunk driving crashes. Short-term consequences of a DUI charge are fines, community service, high insurance costs, driver’s license suspension, or even jail time.

There are also long-term consequences of a DUI charge. Apart from the possibility of serving jail time, there are several other reasons why you should never consider getting a DUI charge. Here are six important consequences to keep in mind.


1. Your Driver’s License Will Be Revoked

Your driver’s license can be revoked when you get arrested with a DUI charge. The revocation can last for a few years after you first become convicted.

With a driver’s license revocation, you’ll have a hard time finding work. You will also lose the freedom to drive your car. It will be challenging to run errands, participate in social activities, and even go for family visits. 

2. Background Checks

When you apply for jobs, your employer will do a background check before they hire you. Once they find that you have a DUI charge, you may be disqualified. Background checks are also done when you apply for college, financial processes, or housing.

Therefore, that one charge can make it difficult to get your dream home, secure a college scholarship, or get a loan.

3. Employment

A DUI charge can also affect your current job. All the community service, jail time, and court dates will affect your work schedule. Getting employment is also difficult when you have a DUI charge.

Most employers will not hire any applicant with a DUI conviction. You’ll be unable to apply for truck driving, cab driving jobs, or pizza delivery jobs. 

4. Civil Lawsuit

When you drive under the influence, you can injure someone. You’ll have to deal with civil consequences when you have a DUI conviction that leads to injury. You’ll need an experienced DUI attorney to handle your case. A civil lawsuit is a stressful experience when someone gets injured because you were driving under the influence.

5. Your Auto Insurance Rates Will Increase

Once you get convicted of a DUI charge, your insurance rates will go up. Insurance companies will list you under the category of high-risk drivers. You’ll end up paying double or triple what you have been paying as insurance premiums. If you are unlucky, your coverage may be terminated. If that happens, it will be difficult to find replacement coverage.

6. It Will Affect Your Personal Relationships

A DUI conviction will have a huge impact on your personal relationships. A DUI charge will negatively affect the relationship with your partner and even family members. Your family members and friends will be concerned about your well-being and will pay close attention to your behavior.

A DUI charge can have severe consequences on your life, lasting for years. You can avoid the consequences by ensuring you are within the required alcohol levels. Never enter your car if your alcohol level is high. 

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