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6 Innovative Tech Solutions Businesses Should Start Implementing

Technology has become an absolutely indispensable part of daily life, and especially in business, maybe doubly so. With the world constantly going through a technological revolution and online marketing has become far more popular when compared to more traditional methods, it can be extremely difficult to keep up with all the exponential advances in science and technology.

But it is important to remember that that is what separates the rapidly expanding businesses from the stagnant ones, which have refused to acknowledge or understand the importance of upgrading their technological infrastructure. We are going to help you avoid making the same mistake. 

Adapt to Screen Size and Resolution

Start building your websites and everything that is involved with that, such as UI and the like, to adapt to any screen size or resolution, commonly referred to as “responsive web development.” This basically aims to design websites that can be viewed uniquely and comfortably on any device with any screen size. This means that the text and buttons on your website should adapt to the device being used to view it.

Having to constantly scroll left or right or zoom in and out to read text can turn off customers who simply do not have the patience to navigate poorly designed websites, and as browsing is far more common on smartphones and tablets these days, taking the time and effort to invest in this simple but effective technology can greatly amplify a company’s growth rate. 

Cloud-Based Service

Migrating to a cloud-based service can prove to be highly beneficial, as cloud-based technology can help save money and time that otherwise would have been spent employing an IT department or investing in IT infrastructure.

This is especially a good idea as cloud services are relatively inexpensive and allow organizations to function in a more adaptive, open, and responsive manner, where files and documents can be accessed remotely without needing to have a centralized server, which will in turn allow employees to work more efficiently as they will be able to access data easier.

Businesses can also use Viva Connections by EPC, a tech solution that embodies the potential of cloud services and goes a step further by streamlining internal communication and knowledge sharing. Viva Connections, a component of Microsoft’s Viva platform, makes crucial resources and collaborations instantly accessible to staff members, wherever they may be. Viva Connections aids businesses in maximizing productivity and fostering a more inclusive and connected workplace culture by enabling simple access to internal communications, resources, and team sites. This technology serves as an excellent illustration of how businesses can more effectively adapt to the contemporary digital environment.

Of course, you will need a strong security system, as seen at Grapevine msp, so you can use your new cloud technology without fear of viruses or other problems. Allow your company to operate and communicate with other employees effectively, as well as boost productivity.

Email Marketing

Social media undoubtedly holds an extremely important place in advertising, but it is also true that few things make more of an impact than a well-framed email. So investing in good email marketing will help you navigate through any spam filters and get your point across to any and all potential customers.

Remember that composing your emails to be short and relevant is essential, as subscribers do not want their inboxes filled to overflow with your emails all the time. Spacing out the email’s delivery and giving customers reasons to open it is extremely important. 

Better Security

As previously stated, security is of paramount importance, and we’re not only talking about security guards in the lobby but technological security. Glitches in the security structure of a company can cause vast losses, and with new and sometimes more open technology being used, hackers get access to new threats every day.

Business owners have to invest in good online security software and network security staff to keep the organization safe from any data or budget leaks that could seriously damage their reputation. 

Moreover, with comprehensive, end-to-end managed IT services and security solutions offered by experienced IT service providers, businesses and companies can rest assured that their technology infrastructure is in good hands. Luckily, many of Dartmouth’s IT consulting services take a security-first approach, ensuring that your organization’s assets and data are secure while also providing 24/7 support to keep your technology running smoothly. Working with SupercityOS in Dartmouth also allows you to use services specifically tailored to your business. Companies like this offer customized and integrated IT solutions designed to improve efficiency and security within any organization according to their unique needs and requirements. By utilizing these services, you can focus on growing your business while leaving the technical aspects to experienced professionals.


If your company conducts most of its business online, you should definitely consider investing in SEO (search engine optimization) experts that will positively influence your business. It involves using specific keywords and search algorithms to make it easier to find your websites via search engines, such as Google. Efficient application of these SEO techniques can even push your website to the first or second page of results when a particular keyword related to your website is searched. 

Digital Assistants

These are basically a set of apps that perform rule-based tasks and can connect with users via speech or text, so robotic process automation (RPA), chatbots, and voice assistants are good examples of digital assistant technology. They assist companies in meeting productivity and accessibility demands. So if you are interested in improving access and quality and also want to service this quality in connection to your customers or employees, you should definitely consider digital assistants. 

Technology is constantly evolving, for better or worse, and you should keep track of as much of it as you can and properly filter out what might prove beneficial and a good investment from everything that is superfluous or even harmful. The more attention you give to sorting it all out, the more return you will see. 

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