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6 Adventure Tips for Freelancers and People Working Remotely

Working from home and as a freelancer has so many positive sides. The freedom to work whenever and wherever you want, the chance to prepare healthy and delicious meals by yourself, and the opportunity to work in your pajamas.

So many things are fantastic when you’re working at home, but some things are downsides too. Freelancers and remote workers rarely have the chance to get out of their homes and socialize with colleagues, and they slowly lose touch with what society looks like.


Many will become too accustomed to the way of life and stop going out. Groceries are delivered to their doors, and all their social ties are online. To prevent this, you first need to understand that taking measures is essential and accept that you should leave your home often.

Adventures become nearly non-existing for many people working from home. If you’re one of them, you must start planning a new adventure immediately. If you have no idea what to do, let us help with this list of 6 adventure tips that may help you. Keep reading and see what is needed for the perfect adventure after a long time of not going anywhere.

1. Start slow and make small steps

Since you’ve been trapped at home for so long, it’s tough to get a new start immediately. You should take things slow and go on a few walks first. You might as well drive around the city a little and get accustomed to going out.

Once you’re ready, book a destination outside the city, but make sure it’s not too far. You don’t want to think it was a mistake halfway there when you can’t go back. Find a nearby place and travel no more than an hour or two. Once you go through this, you’ll go on longer adventures.

2. Be perfectly prepared and take all essentials with you

Working at home for more than a year means you’re used to the commodities your home provides. You probably can’t get out of bed without a shot of espresso, and you have brunch at the exact time every day.

You don’t have to quit this and crave these things while going on the road. Prepare a thermos with coffee or even bring the espresso machine if it is remote. Pack everything you can’t do without on your first few adventure trips.

3. Mind the transportation device – take a caravan or a UTE

Going somewhere by bus means you must follow someone else’s travel rules. Instead, go with your vehicle. Get yourself a caravan or a UTE because they provide the most comfortable and allow as much luggage as you want.

Install a toolbox canopy in the rear tray of your UTE, but don’t forget the UTE canopy ladder. You don’t want to risk falling off the roof while storing your items on top. For a perfect adventure, you want the best possible vehicle features that will accommodate all items you want to take.

4. Explore the destination before going there

The destination you’re headed to is different from your home. It may be the best hotel room in the world, but it’s still not your home. If you want to feel safe and relaxed, you should look into the destination and learn everything about it on the internet.

Not only the place where you’ll stay but the surroundings too. You may be going on a true adventure and sleeping in the caravan or the UTE, but you should still research the area you’ll be camping in. See where the nearest gas stations are, what is there to visit, and how to have the most fun.

5. Mind the safety and take precautions

Safety is essential. Suppose you’re headed to the desert. There are so many dangers lurking that you must know how to protect yourself. Aside from the standard items like sunglasses and sunscreen, you must have antivenom and other stuff with you in case of a predator bit you.

This goes for everything else. If it is winter and you’re going up the mountains, you must have warm and dry clothes on you. Another thing to always have on you is the smartphone. It will help you call for help, and the police will find you through the GPS even if there’s no connection.

6. Don’t travel alone

One final thing to have in mind is never to go anywhere alone. Adventures are meant for at least two people. This general rule will help you stay safe and have the best time of your life. Although you may feel like you want to be alone, there’s no need for it.

You’ve spent so much time alone in your home that it is time to socialize. Find a great person for this trip, and enjoy the new things happening to you.

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