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5 Travel Safety Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Next Vacation

Entering into an unsafe situation is the nightmare of any traveler. And one small mishap can take you from vacation mode to fight-or-flight mode.

From losing money to losing your life, the dangers associated with travel are real. But with the right strategies and tips, many of these dire situations can be avoided so you can enjoy your trip in peace.

Use these five travel safety tips to sidestep worst-case scenarios abroad.

Are you planning a vacation in the next few months? Make sure you stay safe while you're away from home by reading these travel safety tips.

1. Safeguard Your Money

Money and credit card scams are one of the most common dangers when traveling to a foreign place. And losing all your money can leave you high and dry, far away from home.

To protect your money, be wary of random street ATMs that aren’t associated with a major bank. Stick to machines inside buildings with a camera and clear lighting, and make sure no one is watching as you use it.

Also be mindful of the cash and cards you’re carrying. Keep as little cash as possible, and lock up any extra cards or cash in a safety box (it’s best to bring your own small safe instead of relying on the hotel’s). Use a secure bag that can’t easily be grabbed and stolen, and split up money and credit cards among people in your group.

2. Check Travel Advisories

One of the best travel safety tips is to check official travel advisories before your trip. These can warn you of health risks, high-crime countries, and local political unrest, which may impact your safety and wellbeing.

You can find travel advisories from the United States government online, along with advice on how to protect yourself in your destination.

3. Prepare for Local Transportation

Transportation while traveling can make or break your trip. Renting your own vehicle can provide immense freedom, but it may also be extra dangerous if you’re not careful.

Have insurance when renting a car, and get familiar with the rules of the road. Also research local norms and customs when driving. Some countries have a reputation of having intense traffic and chaotic drivers, so it’s crucial to prepare yourself ahead of time.

And be sure to only rent vehicles from trusted companies. Click for more on how to choose a car rental service during your trip.

4. Make Copies of Important Documents

In case your items get lost or stolen, it’s crucial to have digital copies of important documents such as your passport or driver’s license.

Without these documents, you could be held at the airport or prevented from checking in to your hotel. Make hard copies, as well as digital copies that can be accessed online (such as through your email or a cloud service).

5. Don’t Look Like a Tourist

Protect yourself while traveling by blending in as much as possible.

In some cases, it may be obvious that you’re not a local. Still, the worst thing you can do is look like a confused and vulnerable tourist.

Be confident and prepared for your next move. For example, map your route to your next destination from your hotel or inside a cafe. Don’t wait until you’re out on the street, looking lost with a map in hand. This will only draw more attention, making you an easy target for scammers and criminals.

Follow These Travel Safety Tips

Travel can be fun, but it can also be ruined by a run-in with danger. Stay safe with these five travel safety tips on your next trip.

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