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5 Tips for Mounting a Rifle Scope for Beginners

Hitting a long-distance target takes hours of practice and precision. Having a quality rifle and knowing how to utilize it are the first steps. Although you learn to shoot on the range, mounting a scope is an easy way to boost your accuracy.

Mounting a rifle scope can seem intimidating, though. With all the moving parts, scope sizes, and options, it’s no wonder amateur shooters avoid it. But mounting a scope can be easy once you understand the process.

In this post, we give tips on mounting a scope to help you get more comfortable shooting.

1. Choosing the Right Scope for Your Rifle

When selecting a rifle scope for your rifle, beginners should consider choosing one that fits the model and purpose of the firearm. The chosen scope should also be capable of handling the caliber of the gun. It is also important to look for features such as the scope’s lens quality, overall weight, and durability.

If the scope is too bulky it might be difficult to mount properly. In addition, choosing a scope with the right magnification settings, objective lens size, and eye relief are all important factors when selecting a scope.

2. Prepping Your Rifle for the Mounting Process

Properly prepping your rifle for the mounting process is essential for safe and successful shooting. Start by making sure the rifle is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction.

Next, inspect the rifle for any damaged or worn parts, making sure all parts are secure, proper tightness, or clean. For one piece scope mount, mark the scope height so you know what adjustments will be needed after the scope is mounted. 

3. Aligning the Scope to the Barrel

Aligning the scope to the barrel is a key process in shooting accuracy. It involves setting up a rifle with a correct sightline and alignment so that when fired the target is. 

This process also involves setting up the eye relief and the parallax. Once these adjustments have been made, the shooter must ensure that their sight line is parallel with the barrel. 

4. Securing the Scope Base with Loctite

Securing the scope base with Loctite is an important step if you want to keep your scope on your gun. Loctite is an adhesive that will hold the scope base securely. 

As a result, applying Loctite is a great way to make sure your scope stays firmly attached to the gun. It’s important to ensure your scope is in the right place and has been tightened to the correct torque setting before applying Loctite. 

5. Bolting the Scope in Place & Making Final Adjustments

Bolting the scope in place and making final adjustments to ensure accuracy is a critical step in any scope mounting job. First, the scope’s mounting rings or bases must be properly aligned to the firearm’s receiver with the proper torque.

Generally, this involves drawing both the ring and the base tightly into the dovetail or rail grooves. Second, double-check your mounting position with a square or level before tightening the mounting rings and bases on the receiver.

Mounting a Rifle Scope The Right Way

Overall, by following these tips, beginners should be able to effectively and properly mount a rifle scope. Proper scope mounting can make all the difference when shooting and can thus help improve accuracy. Therefore, go ahead and hone your skills as a firearms enthusiast and spend some time mounting a rifle scope today!

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