5 Incredible Things You Can Do with CBD

CBD – or cannabidiol, to give it its full name – is a chemical compound extracted from the cannabis plant. Unlike another compound, THC, CBD does not get you ‘high’. It does, however, have a number of properties that many people find beneficial, such as pain relief, protection for your heart, relief from some cancer symptoms, better focus, and the ability to feel more relaxed, among other things.

There are a number of incredible things you can do with CBD – read on to find out what some of them are.



There are many different ways to take CBD, but one that is gaining in popularity is vaping. If you have a vape pen from a quality store such as Nectar Medical Vapes, you can ensure that you are able to smoke – as safely as possible – this chemical compound.

The biggest advantage of doing this is that the CBD will enter the lungs, and that means it will get into the bloodstream more quickly, ensuring that the benefits start working sooner.


Another popular way to enjoy CBD is in coffee. If you’re going to have your coffee in the morning anyway, adding CBD to it won’t mean you have to change your routine in any way, but you will be able to gain all the benefits associated with this plant-based chemical. Even special dairy-free milk is CBD-infused, which you can add to your coffee if this is easier.

Topical Balm

Some people like to use CBS in a topical balm and apply it directly to the area that is painful, such as a knee, hip, or shoulder. This can be a great idea as it’s so easy, and on top of that, because the CBD is blended with beeswax or coconut oil, it smells great. You can truly target the areas that are hurting the most, relieving pain much more quickly and easily.

Candies And Sweet Treats

One great facet of CBD is that it can be baked and cooked and not be damaged in the process. That’s why you’ll find there are a number of edible products that contain CBD – it’s many people’s preferred option for taking it, as it not only does what they want it to do, but it tastes great at the same time.

Brownies and cookies are a common option, but there are also CBD gummies and caramel treats. Another benefit of choosing this option is that these sweets are easy to carry about with you, ensuring that whenever you feel the need for some CBD, whether it’s for pain, anxiety, or anything else, you have it with you at all times.


It is also possible to get a ready-made CBD capsules, which, as above, are easy to take out and about with you – although not as tasty as the baked goods. There are pros and cons to this idea.

The biggest advantage is that the CBD is ingested slowly, meaning that the effects last longer. However, it can take as much as half an hour before you feel any positive effects from the CBD when you take it as a capsule.

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