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5 Facts About Wholesale Diamonds in Arlington

Diamonds are precious and expensive and many people still love to have them despite their high prices. As a buyer to get the best diamond out there it is wise to be familiar with it. Diamonds have some properties to be considered to know if it is the best one for you. Wholesale diamonds in Arlington can be a good choice since they are of high quality and at a more affordable price.


1. They are Sold at an Affordable Price

Wholesale diamonds in Arlington cost 40% to 60% lower than in retail stores. Imagine how much you can save if you opt to buy from a wholesale diamond store.

2. They Sell Diamonds to Individuals

Wholesale diamond stores often only sell to brick and mortar stores, however, most wholesale diamond dealers in Arlington sell even just one piece to individuals who want to buy diamonds. So lucky you if you opt to buy from them. 

3. They come at a High-Quality

Most people are wondering if the diamonds at the wholesale diamonds store are lower in quality since they are cheaper than other stores. The answer is no! They have more affordable prices for a reason but their quality is still excellent.

4. Wholesale Diamonds are certified by GIA

The Gemological Institute of America is one of the most popular evaluators of diamonds. Wholesale diamond dealers in Arlington tie up with them to have their diamonds evaluated.

5. Wholesale Stores in Arlington Got all Kinds of Diamonds

You don’t have to go far since you can find whatever diamond you desire in wholesale diamonds in Arlington.

6. Not All Diamonds Are White in Color

The diamonds that people often see are those that are close to white or colorless. They are graded according to how colorless they are using the color grade. The more colorless the diamonds, the more expensive they are. However, diamonds come in other colors such as purple, blue, pink, orange, green, and red. Most of these diamonds are rare, that’s why they are more expensive than colorless ones. Some colored diamonds may even be the only ones in the whole world. So whoever possesses them can give them a fortune if they decide to sell that.

Things to Know About Diamonds

Age of the Oldest Diamonds in Arlington

There are several vintage diamonds in Arlington but it’s hard to tell the real age of each of these diamonds. However, the oldest diamond in the world is at 3.3 billion years. Since diamonds take billion years to form, it is incredible to have one that age that long. Diamonds that are old get greater value especially if they are recognized. Most people used it on their heirlooms and passed it on from generation to generation. These diamonds can have greater value when sold especially if they are in their best condition. That’s why most people keep them well and treat them as assets.

Diamonds Were Not Always Mined

The natural diamonds came from the earth and they are mined. Extreme effort and special equipment are used to be able to unearth them. But a long time ago diamonds were even found on the riverbanks or at the bottom of the river. But as people continue to take interest in them the source has become scarce and people have begun to mine them from under the earth’s surface. However, due to the demands of diamonds, scientists made a way to copy the exact properties of naturally-mined diamonds and made what we called lab diamonds. Lab diamonds are grown in laboratories.

Diamonds Used to Be Only Available to the Elite

Way back in history diamonds were only allowed to be worn and owned by the elite class. In France, there’s even a law where only the king is allowed to have diamonds, if someone is found to possess them they will be punished since it is written in the law. However once diamonds are discovered in South Africa, diamonds have been allowed to be used by royalties. Diamonds were associated with the status of a person before but now it is available for everyone who wants to have them.

A Diamond Loses Up to 50% of Its Weight During the Cutting Process

Once diamonds are dugged up from the mine they can not be sold yet in the market since they are still rough diamonds. These rough diamonds have to be processed and cut by a skilled diamond cutter before they can be sold at their prices. So during the cutting and processing of diamonds, 50% of their weight is lost. It takes an excellent diamond cutter to make a good shape out of a rough diamond.

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