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4 Reasons Why You Should Carry A Knife While Traveling

If you’re a travel enthusiast, a knife is a tool you shouldn’t leave behind. Carrying a blade is necessary even though it may seem unusual. All you need is a small, lightweight, sharp, and foldable pocket knife made of durable materials.  

You can choose any pocket knife to carry along with you while traveling. But if you’re looking for a sturdier one, you should go for a Deejo knife. You can have it customized to fit your design specifications. Also, you can personalize its handle scales, engrave a message on the blade, or change the pocket clip position. 

Here are some reasons why you should carry a knife while traveling: 

  1. To Keep Yourself Safe  

The first reason you should carry a blade while traveling is to keep yourself safe. Carrying a knife gives you the assurance that you can protect yourself. Hence, having a knife with you can intimidate an attacker if you find yourself in a situation. Meanwhile, if you’re out camping or hiking, you could scare away animals with your knife or protect yourself in case of an attack.  

Likewise, if you’re new in a city or country, you might not know their way of life or how to access some places. This could make it easy for people to identify that you’re a foreigner. As a result, you can be an easy target for robbers or other dangerous people.  

For easy access, ensure your blade is somewhere reachable. In most cases, hand knives come with a clip to secure your blade outside or inside your belt, bag, or pocket. If you’re carrying a purse, use the knife’s clip to place the blade in an easy-to-reach pocket. Regardless of where you store your knife while traveling, ensure it’s in a place where you can’t hurt yourself with it. 

  1. For Survival  

It would be great to have a knife for survival as you travel. A knife can cut the fruits from trees, slice edible items, or open food cans. You can also fillet fish or butcher an animal for meat using a knife.  

Meanwhile, having a knife is essential, especially if you’re out in the wilderness hiking or camping. You can clear the path by removing any twigs, branches, or shrubs with your knife. Additionally, you can create shelter from branches and other materials. 

On the other hand, the blade could also help in emergency cases. For instance, if you or a companion is injured and bleeding, you need to take quick action to stop the hemorrhage. You can use your knife to cut a piece of cloth to cover or put pressure on the wounded area. This can help minimize the bleeding.  

  1. To Starting A Fire  

A knife can also make it easy for you to start a fire. Sometimes, you might not have access to a lighter or matches. You can quickly ignite a flame with a good blade even if the weather isn’t favorable.  

The knife will help you gather tinder by shaving wood slivers from sticks, extracting dead pine needles, or removing the inner bark of dried branches. After that, you can strike your steel-made knife with a flintstone to create sparks. The tinder will catch these and light up. Once that happens, you can add larger materials to help the fire burn hotter and last longer. 

A well-lit fire will keep you warm, deter wild animals, and ensure you can have a good meal. This is helpful, especially if you’re camping with loved ones or traveling through a rural region.  

  1. For Opening Packages Or Removing Sales Tags 

Shopping is fun, and it’s even more enjoyable when you’re traveling. Using your teeth to cut the adhesive tape wrapped around your packages or remove tags from clothes seems tempting. However, doing so may lead to cuts or worsen weaker teeth. Instead of putting your dental health at risk, use a pocket knife. It’ll make the job much easier, quicker, and safer. 

Final Thoughts 

It seems unnatural to carry a knife around. However, it’s a necessary tool, especially if you’re planning to travel. You need a blade to protect yourself or for survival. A knife can also be used to make a fire or to open packages and remove tags. In all these cases, a knife can be a handy tool. 

A pocket knife will do if you’re planning to tour a new place. When buying a knife, consider a small, lightweight, sharp, and foldable one made of durable materials. In addition, read reviews first and ask for recommendations before purchasing any blade. Although CE Blades is a Lubbock knife store with two locations, they sell online through their website as well. This will help you find a knife that will offer you maximum value for your money.

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