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3 Things You Should Know About Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a wide field with many career options and applications. It’s an important component of land and community development projects and public works. Here are three things you should know about civil engineering.

1. Credentials To Look for

If you’re looking to hire a civil engineer, check whether he or she is a licensed professional engineer. He or she should also have a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Common specializations in engineering include civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. It’s a good idea for engineers to earn master’s degrees and certifications in one or more specializations.

2. Skills And Expertise

Civil engineers need to develop a wide range of hard and soft skills. They must be well-trained in civil engineering techniques and a variety of scientific and mathematic disciplines. They also need to develop excellent communication, critical thinking, leadership, decision-making and organization skills. You should look for a civil engineer who demonstrates success in these skills as well as expertise and experience in the engineering specialization you need.

3. Career Options

A civil engineer may work on-site or in an office and in the private or public sector. He or she may have opportunities to work on a variety of building and construction projects. Some of the most common include infrastructure such as airports, dams, roads, bridges and tunnels. Depending on the project, he or she may be tasked with developing the long-term plan or surveying the day-to-day progress of the project. He or she may also be brought in before any other project work begins to assess potential risks and hazards.

If you need to bring a civil engineer onto your construction project, make sure he or she is qualified and has plenty of experience. He or she should also be a successful problem solver and capable of assessing risk, resolving development and design issues and investigating the building site.

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