Fishing & Boating on the Gatineau River, Canada

Good day,

How’s it going!? I woke up yesterday to a phone call for an urgent golf game, naturally I attended and then met up with some friends for an afternoon of boating and fishing on the Gatineau River. The river is most certainly sizable and just over the bridge from the Ontario side and nestled into the Quebec side…

Let’s be real, if you’re chosen by a friend to be “that guy” who gets the 8:13AM Sunday morning call for a game of golf because your friend has kids and has a day off, you should be HONORED. I have no photos as my camera was dead but rest assured, it was a fun time filled with solid shots and miserable mishaps. A big “hat tip” to “The Manager” – you know who you are…

Afterward in a great haste, it was time to roll through the Gatineau hills and make my way to an undisclosed location in cottage country where a friend of mine figured out the meaning of life. Who needs a cottage or a house when you can live on a river only 30 minutes from the downtown core? Genius, yes? Suffice to say they were out on the river, fishing and catching and the trend continued upon my arrival.

There was some paddling thing going on and the river was busy, even had cops on it. Rivers typically don’t, and I’m cool with that for many reasons. I’ve been in several boating excursions in the last few months off the coast of Little Corn Island but let me tell you, rivers and lakes are a different trip. They are so calm and relaxed, no white caps either. We let the wind push us further and further into this bay filled with reeds.

The further we went in, the more fish we caught. Yours truly managed to pull in a pike, diseased large mouth bass and a sizable rock bass which is notoriously known as a garbage fish, but they do give a good fight. I used a less than fragile rubber frog for all catches. In the Caribbean, I don’t throw ANYTHING back and eat everything, in the rivers around here I can’t see myself ever keeping anything but the action sure is good.

After numerous fish were caught, numerous stories told and numerous tours around the river it was time for the boating to end. Naturally my camera was dead long before the whole “sunset shots” were an option and it’s a shame as they were truly spectacular and would have been the best photos from the day, oh well.

Just going to throw it out there, Canada ranks really high for “summer fun”.

Big thanks to my friend and his lovely wife for their hospitality…

Tips hat,


  1. reg

    June 11, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    Man that sounds nice!!! Your buddy has it figured out!!

    • Rob

      June 11, 2012 at 5:21 pm

      Most definitely.

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