Zip-lining, Hiking and Biking in Jamaica


Feeling so amazing that to paint you a picture, I’m tap dancing in a full tuxedo on top of the sun (yes I’m that big in the picture) and my feet aren’t burning, not even a bead of sweat is running down my face. My smile is larger than the milky way and my top hat taller than the CN Tower. Back on earth, went on a Jamaican rainforest canopy zip-line adventure and then hiking and biking before kicking it at the beach…

We started with a trip to Chukka Caribbean Adventures to try their rainforest zip-line experience. It’s a cool setup they have and on an old plantation. Had never done zip-lining before and it’s quite a weird sensation at first but quickly becomes comfortable. The zip lines we did had 5 stops in it and most of them were “flat out” where you don’t have to use your hand to brake or anything, naturally those were my favorite.

It’s just sorta surreal gliding through the treeline of the rainforest, crossing rivers and what not at screaming speeds about 100 feet off the ground. One of those activities worth doing at least once in a lifetime, glad I did. One of the gents helping us was named Dellow or something of that nature because his name starts with a D and he’s just so mellow. He was a real character that kinda looked like Busta Rhymes and the tour would have been half as fun without him.

Afterward we headed to Braco Stables to do some hiking, biking and swimming. I really loved Braco from the minute we pulled up. It didn’t have a commercial feel to it at all and was like you were showing up at a friends estate along the coast. The driveway is lined with vibrant and beautiful flower bearing bushes and finally you arrive at a house and are greeted by the staff. Our guides name was Jerry and immediately felt as though we had known each other for years and was excited to explore the plantation with him.

Braco Stables Horseback Riding Jamaica

The tour we took was a hiking and biking combo. The people were incredibly accommodating so if you wanted to bike the whole thing, that was cool too. Opted for the hike / bike combo as climbing a hill on a bike seemed more like work than leisure. The tour was an easy hike for about 30-40 minutes and anyone could do it, one part was steep but the staff are gentleman and make sure everyone gets through no problem.

Once up top they have a picturesque gazebo surrounded by flowers with a most stunning view of the coast. This is where you meet those that biked and what was a really nice added touch was that they had could moist towelettes to help cool your jets after the fun and informative hike. Hanging out in that gazebo was one of those rare times where my inner monologue just stopped as though there was no past, no future just now and was totally content with it.

Afterwards you’ll casually walk down while the guide answers any questions you have about the plantation, Jamaica or life; seriously. From there we all got on bikes and took a cruise to the ocean. It’s a fun ride that lasts about 10 minutes or so and suddenly, you’re at this beach hut of sorts on the ocean.

One of the ladies in this family run tour company was having a get together with some friends on part of the beach and it really gave your imagination an idea of some of the fun that has transpired there in the past. Some gents cut fresh coconuts for us and we drank the juice before opening them up and getting to the good stuff. Jamaica really has a cool vibe and hanging on the beach really gave me an idea of what it’s like for people who live here.

Afterwards we headed back to where we started and visited a large home on the estate to have some juice and chat with the owner / staff. It was a really personable experience and would love to try the river tours or the horseback riding through the ocean. In a future trip to Jamaica, would look them up and head over with friends or in the future, hopefully the family.

Now it’s 7PM and soon will be heading to a surf and turf dinner. I’m kinda full to be honest as I just ordered some sushi and smoked salmon. If you’re at the Grand in the Iberostar Resorts, room service is included so figured I might as well indulge, I mean … why not!? The butler just knocked and asked if he could do anything for me but I’m an easy customer and couldn’t think of anything besides playing cards but he’s busy and so am I.

Really grateful for the experience here in Jamaica and a huge thanks to the Jamaica Tourist Board for their world class hospitality. Besides the natural beauty, the real gem of this island is the people and the vibe they emit, can see myself exploring more of this island on my own terms one day.

It’s my last night in paradise, flying home to Ottawa tomorrow and arriving very late. Considering there is no itinerary tomorrow and flying out at 3:15; the ONLY reasonable thing to do in the world of SHABL is fully soak up the resort and night life with a rum and coke in my hand, top hat on head and a super-sized smile..

Have an amazing Saturday!

Tips hat,

P.S: Been cool hanging out in Jamaica, the home of Bob Marley. I cannot think of another artist who has touched the world like he has, his music is played and his image proudly displayed on every corner of this planet. Trust me, I’ve seen it with my own eyes…

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