Work Like You Eat Your Dinner…

Greetings friends,

The only way I can afford to travel is because I work for myself. When you are traveling its’ very easy to be distracted by the different cultures, foods, people you meet and anything else. Everything is new and you just want to go soak up as much of it up as you can, all the time.

I finally settled down and got some work done today. A lot of work to be exact, just put in a solid 9 hour shift with stops for the obvious aka food, cola and water. It feels good, mighty good, I dare say. I also had a revelation that everything I had ever heard about productivity was total rubbish…

Everyone always says “make a list” of what needs to be done. Then prioritize, then do the hardest / most important stuff first. I think that is hogwash and has been brainwashing us all for years, decades, eons? The secret is to do your work like you’d eat your dinner…

What do I mean? Imagine someone gives you the best meal of your life, ok just some meal that you’re intent on eating or that you’ll eat.  How do you eat it? Do you eat the stuff you dislike the most first then “save the good stuff for last”? Many people do, I’ve seen them. I’ve also seen other people eat what they like first then take care of the rest. I’ve also seen and done combos of the two…

Basically do whatever you feel like first, to get yourself going.  If something “makes your list” it has to get done. If you start with what you hate / dislike / despise, it just opens the door to procrastination. I urge you to do what you like first just like you’d eat what you like first. I always eat my favorite part but that doesn’t mean the whole meal doesn’t get finished.

Also, if you’ve been traveling for a while, don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t “get straight to business” right away. There is an adjustment period. I wrote about 2 weeks ago about “Travel whiplash” and I think my neck finally healed.

I will note that doing work in Asia is quite amazing. Typically if you’re “on the grind” you’d have to go buy some horrible fast food. Here you can go get amazing food for you cooked in a cafe, street vendor, restaurant, night market whatever… Gives you more time to focus on what counts and wastes less time.  Don’t even have to get into overheads…

Regarding web income, do not assume you’ll “get it going once you hit the road”. It’s your job to “have it before you leave”. Too many people leave with pipe dreams of this or that. If you don’t, your trip will most likely end sooner than you wish and you’ll be back to the place you decided to leave…

Saturday nights are meant for socializing, please, never forget that.

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Tips hat,

P.S: That steak would be 87.5%  GONE before I got to the potato, FYI. I’d eat whatever it is left on the plate slowly while sipping my wine pacing to finish whenever the rest of the group is near completion… How do you eat your dinner?

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  1. Peter

    October 4, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    Hey Rob,

    Like your food analogy for working. I tend to work in ‘snacks’. Just a few light meals throughout the day. Makes writing those pesky articles for my blogs a little easier!

    Just wandered if you intend to monetize this blog? I’m sure you could make a few bucks with some adsense ads and/or amazon links.

    The walk through video was really cool. I was down there a few months ago for the first time – it was crazy!


  2. Rob

    October 4, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    I Pete.

    I’ve thought of a few ways. Typically blog readers do not click ads or sign up for say hotels or flights through a website. That said, search engine visitors do.

    I like the snacking idea, do it all the time.

    All the best.

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