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Why You Need a Fully Automated Pre Roll Machine: A Guide

Only 25% of new businesses make it past the 10-year mark.

If you’re in the cannabis industry, you already know how risky things can be. From navigating intricate laws to building a customer base, it can be challenging to get things up and running.

Once you have a well-run facility, the next step is to look for ways to maximize your company’s potential. One of the best ways to do this is by investing in the correct type of equipment.

For instance, have you thought about purchasing a fully automated pre roll machine? Pre-roll machines are helping launch the commercial cannabis industry into a whole new realm. If you don’t want to get left behind, you’ll need to check out this short guide.

Why does your company need a pre roll machine? Read on to find out.


Stay Ahead of the Competition

Working in the cannabis industry means constantly having to stay ahead of the competition. By investing in a fully automated pre roll machine, you’ll be able to increase your business efficiency by saving time. Before you know it, you’ll be producing more pre-rolls than you ever thought possible.

You’ll be able to cut down your labor costs by quite a bit. Even the best team of employees won’t be able to produce as quickly as an automated machine can. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about your machine calling out for work!

Make the Best Joint

If you want to have the ultimate control of your cannabis pre-rolls, you need to invest in an automated pre-roll machine. Instead of having pre-rolls that are different sizes or have different consistencies, you’ll be able to create the exact product every time.

When you buy a high-tech automated pre-roll, it’ll be able to create a perfectly even and dense cannabis indica joint. The machine will also help get your flower down to the perfect consistency.

A lot of dispensaries and commercial growers are still grinding their own flower. They grind the flower until it’s the consistency of a fine grains of sand. The only problem with this process is that it takes out all the delicious trichomes and makes the flower less potent.

Thanks to the automated radial compaction features, a pre-roll machine will solve this problem for you. Your machine will use automated radial compaction to get the flower to the perfect consistency. You’ll be able to have well-made joints every single time.

Fast ROI With Pre Roll Machines

There are a lot of investments that you have to make when you work in the cannabis industry. However, most of those investments aren’t going to offer a quick return like a pre roll machine can.

When you invest in an automated pre-roll machine, you’ll be able to start making back your money almost instantly. As you start looking at the rollpros blackbird price, you’ll notice how affordable these machines are. With your initial investment, you’ll be able to launch your operations into the world of automation.

Automation solutions are a great way to immediately lower your company’s operating costs. As you produce consistent quality joints, you’ll be able to increase your output.

All around, you’ll be saving money and time. Before you know it, you’ll be able to offset your initial investment and development costs.

Scale Your Company

What dreams do you have for your cannabis company? If you plan on experiencing exponential growth, then you’ll need to be able to scale for production.

Using a fully automated pre-roll machine will help you increase your production capacity without sacrificing efficiency. For the best results, you’ll need to look for an automated pre-roll machine with an intuitive HMI control panel.

The HMI control panel will help keep things running smoothly so that you don’t have to worry about any production delays. As long as you properly program the machine, it’ll be able to function without any type of errors.

You’ll be able to repeatedly make a high-quality product that will please your customers. Having that kind of control over the consistency and quality of your pre-rolls is a major advantage in the business world. You can make firm plans about how you can grow your business model since you’ll know you have the production power to back it up.

Use Your Space Wisely

How large is your facility? One of the biggest challenges commercial cannabis companies face is having enough floor space. It can be challenging to find enough room to put all of the equipment, while still allowing employees to move around freely.

Is space is a concern at your facility? In that case, you’ll enjoy the freedom that an automated pre-roll machine brings to the table.

Instead of having an entire room dedicated to pre-roll production, you’ll be able to keep things in one confined space. You won’t waste any valuable floor space, time, or money. Since one machine can make a large number of joints, you won’t have to invest in a second one until your company grows.

Better Than Vibrating Cone Machines

Finally, automated pre roll machines are much better than the vibrating pre-rolled alternative. Vibrating cone filling machines don’t produce consistent results. Sometimes the joints are nice and fat, and other times they leave the customer wanting more.

Since quality and consistency are key to building customer loyalty, you’ll need a machine that can deliver the right type of results. The best automated pre-roll machines will be able to produce hundreds of high-quality joints in hours. Your customers will love knowing they can get a consistently great product from your company.

Find Your Fully Automated Pre Roll Machine

Whether you’re looking to cut down on labor costs or simply need to ramp up production, a fully automated pre roll machine can help save the day. Take a few minutes today to write down all of the benefits you believe a pre-roll machine would bring to your company. Then if it’s in your budget, start shopping for one online.

Don’t worry about the upfront cost of the machine. Remember, you’ll get a quick return on investment; it’s almost instantaneous.  For more quick tips, check out another one of our blog posts.

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