Why So Serious, Thoughts from a Joker

Good day,

Why is everyone in this world so serious?

I’m not sure and frankly I don’t care. I’m leaving Berlin today. Not a huge fan of Germany, I dare say. Berlin was fun for 2 days and now, I’m in the hostel lobby,  just writing. Nothing I want to see and not overly interested in 3E short, skim milk, steamed cappamapalapacinos that are often held by hipsters with their legs crossed in a most androgynous fashion.

Last night, dinner was awesome. Went to a VERY GOOD SUSHI spot with an old colleague. Spicy tuna is the best roll ever. We chatted about stuff ex business school people do. It was refreshing. I’m also on the hunt for an apartment. Lots of ideas have been born from this trip. Action is what turns thoughts into cash. It’s odd how many never action anything but like a robot get out of bed and go to some job their whole life. Thanks again for dinner, “Madame S.” She knew I was in Berlin because she saw me walking down the street, small world, yes?

Implementation is the catalyst for anything, a little confidence goes a long way too. Never ask someone in the same situation as yourself about  business idea, many are comfortable where they are. Ask someone who does things you wish to do and you will have a better answer.

Ran into a bombshell from Australia drinking jagr, talked about solo travel while plowing through a pack of smokes. Afterward I said good evening and went to bed early, felt amazing.  As a gent it is much easier to travel the world, for you women there is one word you need to know, “proactive”. An ounce of proactivity is worth a pound of reactivity, for real.

Also ladies, if a friend of yours that is a guy introduces you to someone he met, ask yourself would you ever want to meet this person if not through your friend? A guy can be “just a dude” another guy chills with but the moment a woman comes in, turn into a total creep show. As a guy, we have a few less things to worry about, that’s the truth.

Dreaming about a 1 bedroom apartment, somewhere. It has to be in a country where I can learn another language, the average wage is not ridiculous, lots of sun and are known globally as “chill people”. It’s important to remember the past as it has a weird way of repeating itself. Also never judge a book by it’s cover. Things are almost always NOT what they appear. Also don’t take things at face value. If you don’t work for a wage, why live in a high wage country? Anybody?

If you do come to Canada, start in British Columbia, it’s still my favorite place in the world by leaps and bounds, there is NOWHERE like it, anywhere. In Lake Bled I was like “wow this is awesome” then thought, if I was in one of countless locations in Canada, it would blow it out of the water. Ontario, Canada has the best fishing I’ve ever experienced and more golf courses then you can waggle a 7 iron at.

I am EXCITED about Finland. It looks beautiful and I’ve never met a Finnish person I didn’t get along with. On the topic of seeing countries… Tell me this, do you see more flying in and going in on a fabricated and forced double decker tour or by riding a train through from tip to tip? What is seeing a country? I’m not sure but I think the train gives you a better idea.

There are MANY sites out there that let you share rides. If you are in Europe or anywhere on a budget or even if you’re just a wise steward of your energy (coin), I recommend you look into them. A friend just found a trip from Berlin to Poland for free excluding the obvious gas pitch.

What is the term for a distinguished lady? You say gentlemen for gentlemen, but when you say “ladies & gentlemen” it’s too old fashion like a gentlemen and his lady. That is not the case today, some of the brightest minds and most business savvy people I’ve met are women. There has to be an appropriate term, gentlewoman doesn’t sound right or does it?

You can tell a lot about someone by the way they share the things that don’t matter. A kind person regardless of class, wealth or whatever will share what they have when it’s something small or sometimes even big. Some people, won’t share anything and if you find someone like that, I suggest you avoid them like the plague. Those types like to hold things over you because it’s often the only glimpse of “power” they have in their small lives.

If you’re new to a city, always get the business card of your hotel or hostel. Many of us have been screwed not knowing how to get back. Also always look for landmarks, tall buildings and where you are in relation to them.

It’s better to be great at anything than “ok” at everything.

Besides an “progressive vibe”, not sure why Berlin is so popular. Granted if you go out and paint the down red you’ll be left saying WOW but… I’ve found countless other places where you can do what you do here cheaper and in more “peaceful” surroundings. Supposedly if you leave the trendy urban centers and go a little further out, lots of unemployment and “extremists”, is this a shocker? Shouldn’t be.

My current style of travel is getting boring. I’m actually quite bored of checking into hostels. I miss my Asian hotel rooms. I also miss Asia. Asia is the land of smiles if you ask this gentlemen. It’s also got the best food in the world at the best prices and you will meet some of the most interesting people from around the world there. If you’re from Europe and you go to another country it’s like a North American going to another state, it is different but just around the corner. Further off the beaten path you go, the more interesting characters you meet.

Think of money as energy, that is all it is. You trade energy for stored energy. Figure out how you can bank enough energy to use that energy to build more energy. Sadly, most use that energy or waste it on things that don’t matter. What matters to you? There is a saying in Germany “Sexy but Poor”. I’d rather be “Plain & Rich”.

I’m curious why there aren’t any courses on money management? It’s arguably the most important skill set you’ll ever learn if you ever learn. I think it’s made like that by design, a trap if you will. The difference between people with money and those without is simple, it has nothing to do with wage. Most people increase expenditures with their income, it’s natural. The answer is people with money, manage it well, those without are poor at managing it.

I’m curious how guidebooks get their list. I believe there is favoritism and if you support the places listed in popular guidebooks you are doing a disservice to the rest of the community. I also find some of the most boring people in the world going to the places mentioned.

Most backpackers do not read travel blogs.

How can any book or blog list “top places to get a burrito in Mexico City”, listen wise guy, you can get an amazing one anywhere. The more known the place, the higher the price and the less authentic in my mind. I like going into a place that is stoked to see you.

Clubs around the world are all same same but different.

Berlin has a good vibe in spots but there is still an undercurrent of what happened here. You see small plaques stating people who lived in the buildings and where they were deported too, it’s a sad state of affairs. I saw some people using them as coasters yesterday, disrespectful. I feel good knowing my Grandpa fought in WWII for the Allies.

If you ask people where the Berlin Wall is, many will say there is none. Odd, yes? It’s there but it’s just covered in graffiti with trendy shops along it offering to stamp your passport, ohhh la la.

I know why Eastern European women are sometimes seen as “cold” to others. Lots of the “guys” in those countries aren’t so nice. When I was in Poland often guys would come up and start talking near us. The lady I was with always pretended she didn’t speak the language. When they left she’d tell me what they were saying and it wasn’t nice.

If you have a chance to travel or some extra cash, do it. It will change your life way more than watching the latest hockey game in high definition or getting new rims on your car or “souping up dat stereo”.

If you’re young, buy a house before a car. You can always get a ride in your friends car and always rent a room to your friend. Also if you’re in university, start a company, even if it earns nothing. When you apply for that job, you can state that you are currently running your own company, puts you on a whole new level then just a “college grad”.

If you book a hostel online, go to HostelBookers it is cheaper than HostelWorld. If you’re alone, look for the safety rating, spend the extra euro or two…

The 4 most important terms in any language are “Thanks, Where is, Left & Right”.

Random thoughts from a guy who laughs a lot.

Tips hat,

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