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Where to Travel in Europe for Summer 2012 VLOG!?

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Good day,

I’m leaving tomorrow for a month but I’ve had this idea on “Where to Visit in Europe for Summer 2012” and here it is. The long and the short is that the west is NOT the best. It’s actually played out and all your adventure, crazy memories and monster savings are taking place in the Balkans or Eastern Europe.

I have a million and 32432 things to do so this will be brief but I’ve attached my favorite beach, favorite restaurant and of course, favorite area to just kick it. Without further delay, check them out below. Oh, if you’re wondering why the video cuts, it’s because I made a list then realized that it was asinine, it’s ALL good in that hood.

Favorite Beaches – Odessa, Ukraine:

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Favorite Setting to Hang Out – Lake Ohrid, Macedonia:

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Favorite Restaurant – Caru Cu Bere in Bucharest, Romania:

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I eat at the restaurant above 9/10 nights in Bucharest, it’s in my top 5 favorites in the world & cheap!

Be sure to click cities on the right to read more about my escapades there & why you should visit…

P.S: Looks like Youtube just forced users to use the iframe code, seriously messing up my game, centered is important.


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