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What Are Some Fun Games to Play Alone?

Kids worship games, but adults are pretty into it too, as most of our hobbies are game-related. Whether you’re into extreme sports as a hobby or keep fit playing ball – you also find pleasure indulging in play-time.

Games take on many roles and are generally a huge part of our lives. We incorporate them into our exercise routines, serve as entertainment, and they de-stress us on those tough days. 

Some of us capitalize on it and create a career out of it. There are plenty of games to play alone in both an indoor and outdoor setting.

There are multiple fun solutions for parents with only one child. Games that are specifically designed to pique your child’s interest and will certainly heighten their educational development.

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Jigsaw puzzles are the ultimate one-player game and come in many forms. We tend to use both sides of our brain when playing. Where the word and number puzzles are technically analytical, you’re using them in a fun setting which stimulates the creative parts of your mind too. 

Best of all, jigsaw puzzles are more accessible than ever now. With online options for jigsaw puzzles, you don’t have to buy and store them any more.

Picture Puzzles

Here’s a fun visual game, loved by both the younger and older generations. It’s a game for one person and can also be played by many. It’s one of those ripe games still enjoyed by people from around the globe. 

This one enhances your short-term memory and is a recommended method used to exercise those memory muscles.

Word Search Puzzles

Crosswords and word search games are a sure way to work on your vocabulary. All those foreign words become familiar and generally improves your fluency in a language. 

These types of puzzles generally are an excellent way to learn new languages. It’s an educational brain-teaser that not only develops your speech but extends your knowledge in many cultural aspects. There are also word unscrambling websites available to help you advance in these games, while also strengthening your vocabulary.

Number Puzzles

From Cross-figures to Sudoku, here you’ll find some fun algebra problem-solvers. Doing one of these brain exercises per day is an effective way to sharpen your concentration, and it boosts mental agility. 

Building Blocks

Whether you’re a Lego lover or a Jingo player, this game is a great creative tool. It’s a game about logic and focuses on balance, gravity and geometry. It’s a good distraction if you’re looking to pass the time and will get those wheels turning.

Card Games

As per research at Very Well Family, here’s another age-old entertainment hobby, the most popular game known to man. It’s passed through untold generations and infiltrated this modern era – keeping centre stage in the gaming world. 

The most famous individual games include Solitaire, Freecell, Klondike, Accordion and Pyramid.

Video Games and Online Games

iGaming has taken the lead in the entertainment industry, launching diverse platforms that cater to multiple age groups. Ranging from Playstations to mobile apps and online casinos, you’ll find thousands of options on every level available on numerous gadgets. 

According to Flash List, PCs, smartphones, smart TVs, tablets and other gaming devices are the front-runners. Online games are at the top of the gaming market and have set a new standard for entertainment.

Outdoor Games

If you’re keener on outdoor activities, badminton, hiking and hockey are super active, and you can play alone. There are several worthy choices in this category, accessible on land and water.

Kids Physical Games

If you have an only child and feel they are missing out on sports and games, there are several individual hobbies listed below:

  • Hula hoop games
  • Hopscotch
  • Obstacle courses
  • Playground gym
  • Ball games
  • Skipping
  • Swimming

Fatherly mentions these activities which will also assist in the growth of the child’s gross motor skills, which is essential to their early childhood development.

Water Sports

A wide range of sports activities are available, most of which can be done alone. It’s recommended to partner up in specific sports to promote safety precautions.

Some of the exercise games include:

  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • Fishing
  • Scuba diving
  • Surfing
  • Sailing

Ball Games

Another classic, ball games are prominent today, Goodnet agrees, with a large majority of it being at the core of our entertainment. Some of the sporting activities consist of soccer, basketball, tennis and squash, which also fits into the solo category.

Final Thoughts

We’ve featured games from several categories, focusing on the educational and recreational characteristics of gameplay. Whether you’re in a group or if you’re flying solo, you’re bound to find an extensive list of activities.

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