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Visiting Ben Linder’s Grave & Matagalpa, Nicaragua


Do you know who Ben Linder is?  Are you aware of the “contras” and the civil war that took place in Nicaragua? I suggest you click here to get filled in on Ben Linder and how this fine upstanding and kind gentleman’s unneeded death changed history. Long and short of it is that the Contras were being funded by the USA and it was getting a lot of heat, then Ben Linder who was a volunteer engineer from the USA got shot with a gun that was supplied by to the contras by the US. This isn’t the event but some say it was a major catalyst to stop the funding.

Ben wasn’t very old when he died and it was just eery standing there over someone’s grave buried so far away from home. If you’re ever in the area, go visit Ben and say what’s up, I’m sure it gets lonely out there. That said, the cemetery is very aesthetically pleasing and if you need help finding his grave, ask the pump action shot gun yielding guard, he’s quite gregarious but also appears to be slightly lonely. If you’re the distinguished type which I know 98.32% of you are, be sure to leave such said security guard a tip for his service. If you tip a waitress who brought you cold food and forgot your drink…

Matagalpa is the 5th largest city in Nicaragua and considered the “Pearl of the North”. When I say this place is beautiful, I’m serious – really, really serious.  The only reason I’m not there now is well that’s another blog update all together. The entire city is surrounded by mountains and the vibe of the town is laid back and friendly. The center square is next to a monster cathedral that commands respect and admiration. The place is fantastically affordable and it has THE BEST STREET FOOD SCENE I’ve seen in Nicaragua. Others can’t even shake a kebab at it, no sir.$1 chicken, spaghetti, rice and bean breakfast please!

If you’re moving around the north west of Nicaragua, do check it out. I know some ladies who work there but they are home for Xmas. I saw an apartment for $125 but decided that if one is to rent an apartment, might as well be on an inspiring island or something really tropical and remote where I can grow a beard in peace and tranquility. This whole paragraph is ridiculous as the beaches and the mountains BOTH have their sets of pros and cons. Check out the reality of living and working on a remote beach.

Finally the climate in Matagalpa is very cool in comparison to the rest of Nicaragua, especially Leon. If you like mountain living and appreciate friendly people and the recognize the value of a buck, you just may love Matagalpa. Also if you’re into running, the hills around here are nuts and some of them are so steep that you JUST KNOW that at some point in history, someone’s brakes failed and went on a crazy clown ride through town…

I’m in Esteli as I write this and making another move tomorrow.


Removes hat and holds to chest,

P.S: We got used as an example in the Examiner which is a monster publication, I’m honored. #SHABL

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  1. Does look like a truly relaxing and interesting place to ponder the world. That breakfast for one dollar (especially the rice and beans) is very inviting. Cheers I’m the Whizz!!

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