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Putting Greens in Victoria

Victoria is not just the land of the walking dead filled with walk-in clinics on every corner and nurses filling the seats of every bus. It’s actually a great place to kill time in a “retired like manner” with plenty of decently maintained putting greens. Victoria is effectively a great place to “putter around”.

When people first retire, are laid off or stop working for whatever reason you often hear them talking about how they have “nothing to do” or find it hard to “fill the time”. I think it’s nonsense and simply a matter of conditioning. The other day for a split second as I sat watching the market longer than necessary I thought, I *could* be getting paid to do this. That’s when I decided to check out the local putting green in the middle of what could only be called a “massive park”, I’m glad I did.

It’s got an 18 hole putting setup and you can change the start pegs to effectively make as many courses as you wish. It’s also got so much surface area and surrounding area that it’s perfect for practicing your short game in general. All you need is a wedge or two and a putter. Short game is an area of golf you can never spend too much time on, it helps when you enjoy practicing it. Having played lots of late fall golf in my time, the weather here is actually quite agreeable.

If you aren’t going to find productive outlets to pass your time during the day, you might as well work, doing anything. This is a constructive way to pass time  during the day until going to Vegas in ~ 2 weeks.

Supposedly going to the Lions vs Rough Rider’s game in Vancouver tomorrow, that could prove interesting.

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