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Vanilla Boring Sundae on Lake Ohrid


This Sunday was vanilla and boring, in fact it was a “Vanilla Boring Sundae”, indeed! Still not over the walking pneumonia, you can’t tell I look ill in the vlogs but I am. Look fine and feel fine just really low energy and 10-20 times a day you have a scary uncontrollable coughing fit that makes you wish you never once smoked…

Went to bed early, woke up late. At about 1PM rolled down to the dock area where I filmed the daily vlog. After that roamed around a while, topic of such, got my iphone 4 tethered to my Toshiba laptop, can you say sick?

Right now it’s 8:30 and I’m listening to the song below, Carl Cox played here 2 days ago and tomorrow Dave Guetta is playing. Remember being a fan of Carl Cox in the late 90’s, he is timeless.

Rolling into town with my Spanish & Mexican friends to eat well and buy tickets.

Tips hat,

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