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Traveling from Bali to Jakarta to Vietnam

Prambanan Temple in Yogyakarta

It is boxing day, people are going out to buy over-priced junk at a “discount” where the retailer still makes a killing off the ignorance of the consumer. Buying anything retail in the developed world is akin to being mugged by men with machine guns and machetes, in broad day light.

I digress.

Found a “you must me mad” deal from Air Asia from Jakarta, Indo to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The one leaving on the 4th is ~$47US and the one leaving on the 6th(the day I must leave Indo) is $69US.

Getting to Jakarta from Bali isn’t exactly “simple”. As a result, I’ve spent the last while looking for a way. Seems like an overnight bus / ferry to Yogyakarta and then a train to Jakarta is the best option. No clue how much the ferry and train would cost but I’m assuming negligible.

There are other flights to KL, Singapore or Bangkok but I’ve been there so it’s “boring” and “backtracking” something I wish to avoid at all times. Only acceptable if it is a major flight hub and go a different direction but it’s still “old hat” if you ask this gentleman.

Scrapped the traditional dinner yesterday, they wanted 125,000Ru ($12.50) which is once again negligible BUT no stuffing and no gravy. That was the major “draw” for me, as a result I eat the best Cordon Bleu of my life for ~$2.20, $2.70 with a coke included, indeed. Also I could eat them all week for the price of that meal. It’s nuts how when you travel your “price ranges” become localized.

I digress once more.

Listen, it’s the holidays and people have better things to do then read blogs. As a result this will be brief. The majority of all internet surfing is done during working hours, I’ll have you know.

If you’ve been from Bali -> Jakarta, please let me know.

Good day,

P.S: Who knows if this will go down, but I must leave and this looks like a “good option”.

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