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Trains From Paris to Berlin to Prague


So we’re still going over here, it’s now been ~48 hours of travel and I’m in a McDonald’s with this lovely Russian lady I met on the steps of some church in Paris. Metro dude said there is a good view of city so I checked it out, she’s wandering, so am I and now we’re wandering together. Catching a train at 1pm to Berlin, Germany then at 7am next morning to Prague, Czech Republic egh…. From Prague I should have just 1 more train, I hope.

Eurail is coming in HUGE, it costs me 31E for reservations for 475E worth of first class tickets, 3 trains. 2 trains to get to Berlin and one to Prague. The one to Berlin was ~364E and the one to Prague is ~109E, indeed. Last night`s overnight was actually sweet, had 2 seats at the front to myself and they reclined so far, great sleep. Also, only cost me 1.5E, insane.

That is it for today’s update as I have better things to do like wander around Paris with my new friend. I think I’ll be the only person in the history ok ok that’s a big leap to take a first class ticket to Berlin, sleep on the benches then jump on another first class train outta there.

I can’t wake up for 7am and I’m still sick but getting better as the executive decision that smoking had to go. It’s one of those dry cough that no matter how hard you cough it just won’t come out and it always “tries to come out”. It’s like going around Europe, I see people hacking it everywhere, whatever. That said, may check my baggage and explore Berlin as I arrive at ~9Pm tonight.

This SHABLESQUE adventure continues…

Flick of the cap,

P.S: Nothing.

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