Train to Madrid & Sleeping w Dr Giggles

monument Madrid Spain


So what’s happening? Some BS Monday morning and the market is in “sketch mode”. I am readying my burlap blazer by selling some longs and getting ready to short the market while blowing massive clouds of smoke into my monitor and laughing like the psycho path I got teamed up with in a Hostel in downtown Madrid, this dude is creepy, yo. Oh yeah, I caught a train to Madrid from San Sebastian, it was delightful but I’m Dj Exhausto as I only got a few hours sleep. They serve “DUFF BEER” here, I’m having one now, delicious.

Duff Beer Spain

I’ve realized that I actually ENJOY riding the train, it’s comfortable and the scenery is awesome. At one point we pass this massive valley with a mansion in it and like 20 dudes redoing the roof. I’d love to live somewhere like that, who knows, I just might? Also the train was going 250KM an hour, just fast enough to keep my attention on the scenery screaming by.

Spanish country side

So yeah, I’m here in Madrid, it’s quite interesting thus far. Left this morning with a crew, they were all coach so I was isolated up in 1st class with all these old geriatrics wondering why some unshowered dude in oversized cargo shorts and a stank white-t was with them. I just sat there and eat my eggs and bacon like a gentleman while reading a book that is none of your business. It’s like the 3rd time I’ve read it. I typically read few books but read them numerous times, fyi. FWIW the 1st class coaches in France were 10x better it was like an executive suite, curious to see what the rest of Europe is like.

trains in spain

My train of thought is gone, these ladies I met earlier in the laundry room tried to coerce me to a Boys Noze / Metallica and others music festival but it was 1 hour away and I haven’t blogged yet, some things must be done, you understand? Also when that was done I bought chunks of VXX, FAZ & EDZ as we’re overbought or so I think but what do I know?

Madrid Spain Church

So at the station these girls had an idea of where to go, I decided it would be nice to go with them since as per usual I had no game plan, they were sooooo slow though that I met this other girl who was going to another hostel and it was cheaper, I joined her. Oh the joys of NEVER COMMITTING. If you just show up cool things happen. If you make a plan it sometimes works but is not as interesting / spontaneous aka BORING.

Madrid Spain sky

When I got here and got to my room I was like “I have a horrible vibe here” I felt like I was sharing a room with a serial killer or something and the dudes bag was just a small gym bag… I’d rather share with other backpackers… A gym bag!? That’s like the guy who shows up, steals your shizzle and bounces. Or a guy who has surgical gear to mangle you while you sleep “HOSTEL STYLE”.

Madrid Spain archictecture

I go for a walk, take all these pictures and even get to the DIRECT CENTER of Madrid or of Spain, not sure, picture is below. Madrid is cool so far and I’m dead in the downtown core. I mean so downtown that there are sniffer dogs walking around, prostitutes and all sorts of sketch bags. I talked to a few people and was like “is this place sketch” and they said no, welcome to Madrid, ok!? I like going places with mixed reviews… If I listened to “people” I’d of never gone to Vietnam and I love it there, despite the whole “accident”.

Madrid Spain center

Anyways when I come back the dude at the front desk who is a really big Irish bloke who is as animated as a tiny Leprechaun drunk on some sort of fermented potatoes is like “DUDE, he’s up there, he looks like Dr. Giggles”. I go up, can’t get in. So I come down and I’m like yo, if this dude is so sketch, why did you put me there? He’s like I didn’t check him in, the problem with online booking is they are already locked in. So yeah, he switched me to this room and now it’s just me and this lady from Argentina. What’s funny is when you go into dorms it’s seriously like “Hostel Roulette”. I’ve lucked out and had the worst of em, this is better, I hope. He even said he was kinda creeped out when he checked in. The good, the bad, I still LOVE playing Hostel Roulette, you’ll never know unless you go.

Madrid Spain cool church

So I saw the dude, he looks JUST LIKE DR. GIGGLES, you know that movie where the dude like steals your teeth when you sleep!? I had a vision of me waking up all drugged and this lunatic over me pulling out my beloved ~sorta pearly whites.

This hostel is actually quite cool. It gets mixed reviews but everyone I’ve met so far is very chill and on top of that the dude at the front desk is chill and the location is out of this world. Madrid is also very photogenic, I’ve attached some photos. I used to hate on hostels, now I love them. In Asia everyone you meet is on vacation so you can retire to your nice hotel for like ~$10-20US a night. Here, everyone works and stuff so the hostel is where you meet all the other chillers, you follow?

Madrid Spain tapas

If you think I make this stuff up, just close this browser, I have better things to do then lie to people I’ve never met and most likely, never will. The point of this is to list what goes down on a trip around the world. I’m sure most people have lamer times and I’m also sure SOME OF YOU would have a sicker time. The moral of this story is to do it if you want, it’s a life changing experience. Also don’t worry about traveling with people, especially if they’re lame. Traveling makes you more of what you are. If you’re gregarious you go into hyper drive, if you’re a douche well .. You know what I’m saying, yes? On the topic of life changing, I look younger now then I did when I left, it’s like travel changes your chemistry or something loco like that. Just remember what I told you about that Vietnam Vet’s “sage advice”.

Madrid Spain downtown style

Side note, I got invited to a wedding in Poland in early July, I may just have to attend. Part of staying young and expanding your comfort zone is trying new things. Typically I linger places like smoke in a room without open windows, however I’m thinking of doing this “Euro Trip” uber fast and then when I’m done, revisiting countries I like. If not I may spend the whole summer just in Spain, that would be cool but lame for this gentleman.

Madrid Spain prostitutes

It’s now 12:30AM and I haven’t eaten anything but that lovely omelet on the train and some tapas for lunch. I need to get going before the only thing I can get is beer or fermented potatoes of some sort. I’m hooked on Tapas and totally cool with it.

Madrid Spain old chillers

God speed and go do something that makes you uncomfortable.

Tips hat,

Mental Note: Start doing these updates earlier, a cool group of Canadians are going on a tour of the city and I’d love to go but if I don’t add photos from the day, they will never get added and YOU the internet today and people who find this later should have an idea of these places. That or I could just update once every few days with some lame played out top 10 list or “how to do something you already know unless you’re an imbecile”, hahah ok, just kidding I’d never do that to you…

P.S: I was walking around with laundry yesterday and realized that it was all I needed. I’d love to get down to one small school backpack, that’s freedom. If you come don’t over pack. I have a 58L pack and seriously it’s still more than you need.

Search Du Jour!??: “that’ s boring you’re boring stop boring everyone”


  1. Jackie Stackable

    June 14, 2010 at 3:46 pm

    Ahhh, Spain…

  2. lindsay

    June 14, 2010 at 4:22 pm

    Your blog is so great — but it’s making me crazy cuz I want to get husband and I a eurotrain pass RIGHT NOW and have that freedom again where you just go “ok, what country should we visit today?: (not reality right now w his health) I can so see you now over time spending much of the year between different countries– and it’s going to be really interesting to see how this evolves more into one or more new businesses for you.
    Hope you get to Barcelona at some point- want to see what you think of that and Ibiza.
    take care–be safe

  3. Jeremy

    June 14, 2010 at 4:41 pm

    I think I need to try that Duff Beer, ASAP.

  4. Rob

    June 15, 2010 at 1:47 pm

    @Lindsay – That prize was a rail pass 😉 I think I’m going to use it myself though as whoever won would probably just sell it. They hooked me up but I already bought one.

    @Jeremey – #Indeud

  5. Candice

    June 15, 2010 at 8:22 pm

    How was the Duff? Curious minds must know…

  6. Rob

    June 16, 2010 at 12:52 am

    Tasted kinda like a Bud. It was 3.5E. For 3E I can get a large pint so only had the one DUFF.

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