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Train Madrid to Hendaya to Paris



Besides burning the candle at both ends as well as the middle, I´m here in Madrid on a 3e an our crap keyboard connection and roughly 28 hours into this mega haul of a trip. Catching a train this afternoon from Madrid to Hendaya, then a night train from Hendaya to Paris arriving at 7:11am , all 2nd class. Man, why did I buy a 1st class!! They are always all taken, I simply do not get it… Oh well…

I really dislike the Mchamartin or however you spell it station. There is such a big line and they always just shuffle me around as not many speak English. However as in every batch of apples, always one bad one… Flip side in every rotten bunch usually one good one.

They wanted 50e for me to go on an overnight 2nd class sleeper, this gent hooked me up with 2 trains both seats for a total of 8e, indeed. The first guy said the ticket was to Paris,it was not. Other said to get it when I get to Hendaya, the connection is 10 minutes, another guy told me no…. I never give up, ever. That is one difference between those who get what they want and those who don´t. Some other dude tried to charge me 40e for just the trip to Hendaya, I am perplexed.

Last dude, did some reasearch tried different styles of reservation and pumped one out at 1.5E. After this I´m going straight to somewhere east. I have a mission and nothing is going to get in the way of a very important date, July 10th, I have to be, somewhere.

The overnight train was alright, met some cool people and snagged a 4 seater with a broken seat so it was like I had a sleeper, sick. If you have a jacket, you can put both your legs in 1 arm, then your arms in other and pull it up, it works as a sleeping bag, trust me.

When these things happen and I get jerked around, I just smile, this is my job and this is as hard as it gets. I´m still sick though, really ill and weak. If this were most people, they´d of taken a week off to rest up last week or the week before.

Anyways, everytime I come here I have these problems but if this and quitting smoking are the biggest problems in my life right now, I´m a lucky gent, I know that so whatever. I´ll just keep rolling the dice and seeing what happens.

Europe is cool but my heart is more in Asia, I LOVED IT THERE. The people, the food, the spirit the…  Lagos will also always be somewhere that I have nothing but fond memories, the place is magical for those with a penchant for partying.

Met these German girls on train, they said the 30 and not married means you´re a loser so they party to make you feel better. Odd, the other girls said opposite, these girls were kinda like Holly Homemakers though and probably cherish security. Everything is a matter of perception and remember, until all the cards are played you, I, or anyone for that matter will never know what is good or bad, life is simply a ¨state of mind¨.

Tip of the hat and a sickly smile,


P.S. Friends going to running of the bulls, if I did NOT have this engagement, I´d be there. I´m not sad though as I´d probably do something stupid as I find it hard not to dump gasoline on fire that begin raging out of control, you can get yourself killed there, for real.

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