Touring the East Coast of America Without a Car

Train stations like Philadelphia's 30th Street Station make touring the east coast of America without a car easy as can be

Photo by CC user Mtruch on Wikimedia Commons

Want to see America, but think that you can’t get anywhere in the country without a rental car? While this might be true for out-of-the-way places in the Heartland, the East Coast of the USA is home to scores of culturally and historically significant cities.

They are all well-connected by well-run rail lines and numerous bus companies, each of them eagerly vying for your business with competitive promotions.

While it may have been difficult at one point to travel in America without a car, booking bus/train tickets in America online has never been easier.

For instance, if you were looking for the best times to travel from Atlanta to Houston, all you would have to do is input the city names in the origin and destination fields, and hit the appropriate button depending on what mode of transport you are looking for.

It works well for heartland destinations, but you’ll have even more options on the East Coast. Below, we will demonstrate how easy it is to see America’s most historic and significant cities without having to get behind the wheel of a car at any point in your journey.

Boston, MA

Start your American adventure by flying into Boston Logan International Airport. Access to the downtown core is as easy is jumping on the MBTA’s Blue Line, but be sure to follow the lead of native Bostonians by being respectful with how much room you take up with your baggage.

Once settled, make plans to see the Boston Public Garden, Faneuil Hall, and to walk the Freedom Trail. Want to take in America’s favorite summer pastime? Try to get tickets to a Red Sox game, and you will get the chance to root for the home team in the oldest baseball stadium in the majors.

New York, NY

Once you have had your fill of Beantown, you will want to make your way towards Back Bay station or South Station if you are taking the train (you’ll want to get the Acela Express, as it is faster than the Northeast Regional).

If you are taking the bus, you have no less than eight different options leading from South Station to the heart of the Big Apple.

If you choose to get to NYC via Amtrak, you’ll arrive at Penn Station, while most of those that choose to take the bus to New York City will arrive at the NY Port Authority Bus Terminal.

In both cases, a subway station on New York’s expensive mass transit system will never be that far away.

Once you have dropped your bags in your room, check out the view on top of the Empire State Building, check out the Statue of Liberty up close or from the Staten Island Ferry, or check out one of many museums throughout town (the Museum of Modern Art, or MoMA is a great place to start).

Out of all the stops on your tour, you will want to dedicate the most time to the Big Apple, as there are enough major attractions in the city for a week’s worth of wall-to-wall sightseeing.

Philadelphia, PA

Return to Penn Station or the New York Port Authority Bus Terminal to board your train or bus to Philadelphia, where you will arrive at 30th Street Station.

The City of Brotherly Love has a wide selection of sites to take in, from the iconic Liberty Bell to Independence Hall, the latter of which being where the founding fathers signed the document that declared the United States to be a country independent from the British Empire in 1776.

Philadelphia is also a city that has contributed to American cuisine in a profound way, as it is the proud home of creations such as the hoagie sandwich and the cheesesteak.

On the latter count, be sure to sample cheesesteaks from as many joints as you can (we personally recommend Pat’s King of Steaks and Geno’s) so you can recommend the best ones to your friends.

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