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Top Ultimate Tips For Girls On A Road Trip

Whether you love the idea of exploring the world alone or are planning a road trip with a group of friends, women on the road are usually independent, self confident, adventurous and definitely streetwise. You are a traveler and you are eager to discover the world around you!

However, the truth is that girls sometimes face different travel challenges.  That or pay attention to certain aspects of a road trip more than men do. In this article, we’ll share the ultimate tips for girls on a road trip. And you can rest assured that guys may find some interesting pieces of advice as well! Speaking of advice, make sure you have an international driver’s license before doing road trips abroad.

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Go For A Dependable Vehicle!

It doesn’t matter if you’re embarking on a solo road trip or if your best friend is sharing the adventure with you, believe me that you don’t ever want to be in an unstable vehicle. It is highly advisable that you drive a long-term road tested vehicle so that you are not fearing it may break down at any second.

Whether you know your way around cars or not, it also helps to carry a travel repair kit and a spare tire or two. Even a reliable car can get a flat tire. Also, consider investing in some protective car accessories, such as a car cover, floor mats, and liners, along with a handy cleaning kit, to keep the interior clean and hygienic as you go. 

If you decide to go for a rental car, let the agent at the car rental agency know about your plans and pay attention to any suggestion they may offer. If you know of any car brand or model that is more suitable, ask for it!

Driving a dependable car will make your trip not only easier but also much more relaxed.

Give Your Car A Pre-Trip Check-Up

It is definitely a good idea to take your car to the mechanics before your trip. It won’t cost you much but it will give you major piece of mind while you’re driving away on the interstate. Ask the mechanic to change the oil and any other fluid and to do a quick inspection of the rest of the vehicle. Let him know about the terrain over which you’ll be driving as that may provide him with extra information about potential issues you may encounter and any extra driving or care tip he may share with you.

Don’t Forget About Insurance!

Review your car insurance policy and make sure it is current and valid. Don’t hesitate to ask for an upgrade if  you feel that the coverage you have is good for your everyday car usage but that it is not enough for a longer road trip. 

If you’ll be driving a rental car, you’ll also need insurance. The rental agency will probably press you to choose theirs but you should know that their policy is usually expensive and limited and won’t provide you with coverage you may need for very common situations you may encounter. Your credit card might offer some kind of insurance (though also limited and also valid as second insurance) and your current car insurance policy may cover you as well; but then your prime will be much higher. An independent car rental insurance provider such as Bonzah is your best option as you can claim against them directly, they are affordable and offer you vast coverage. 

Packing for your trip

Avoid travelling with super heavy bags that are packed to their limit. You don’t need to take your complete wardrobe with you and, usually, two pairs of jeans, another comfortable and flexible pair of trousers, really comfy shoes, some t-shirts, socks, underwear,a shirt for a more formal or special occasion, a  coat and a jacket  are all you need for your road trip.

Remember that you can easily wash your underwear in the shower in the hotel!

Gadgets are indispensable while traveling. For example, your phone can function as a communication device, map, camera, music player, and tool for booking tickets and accommodation.

That said, make sure to protect your mobile with a custom phone case that absorbs shock to prevent damage caused by impact. Also, pack all your other gadgets in a waterproof padded bag for extra protection.

Take Plenty of Supplies!

Don’t fall short of supplies! Especially if your road trip takes you abroad and you may find it hard to find some of the brands or products you are used to enjoying at home. From lip balm to hand cream to moisturizer, to hair clips or to your favorite product for your frizzy hair, make sure you have enough of it to last your whole trip. 

Check that you have enough of any medication you usually take. This is especially important for prescription medication that may be harder to buy or find. This goes for a road into the wilderness or a west coast road trip down the coast of the United States.

Don’t be shy on accommodation!

Who said that a girl on a road trip should say goodbye to a room with a view? Compensate all those hours you’ll spend driving your car, by booking a room in a clean, nice and super comfortable hotel or B & B. 

They don’t need to be luxurious nor super expensive. You can easily spend some time over the Internet looking for hotels within your budget that offer you the kind of accommodation that you deserve.

There are many small and medium-sized hotels almost everywhere, close to the main roads that are known for their superb and exquisite room services, their soft linens, the extra gifts they have for travelers (coffee jars and boilers for free, extra pillows on request, laundry service overnight, you mention).

I’m sure you’ll enjoy receiving that extra pampering! What about enjoying a body massage or a salon session before hitting the road again?

Dance Your Way on the Road!

Last but not least, there’s no girls road trip without your favorite music included! Whether you love rock-n-roll, blues, pop , jazz or reggaeton, make sure you have enough music to make your road trip a fun and memorable one!

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