To the Skiff!

Good day,

The time is 6:30am and I know it so as one can hear the alarm of fellow fisherman going off. At 7:30 this morning a group of courageous nautical navigators shall embark on a mission to bring in misfit monsters from the depths of the great blue. The host of such a noble event is none other than Captain Randy. A simple strategy has been deployed and it’s time to test the new rods & lures that have been brought down for such occasions. The boat’s crew will be the Captain, first mate, this couple and myself.

In deep sea fishing discussions with such said Captain rumors of sail fish 4-5 miles out into the abyss and 4-5 times the size of the largest king fish have been entertained. Remember that a big one washed up on shore not too long ago and that the Corn Islands are no more than small lemonade stands in what is the super highway of the Caribbean Sea where underwater beasts the size of school buses are busy going somewhere like all other living creatures

At any moment with the right bait, tackle,  and a visit from lady luck – ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.

“To the skiff!!”

Tips hat,

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