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partying in nha trang vietnam


Most of this town is on some booze cruise and Sailing Club has free drinks for ladies today, snore. Typically I only spend a few days in known “Sin Cities” from Vegas to Sihanoukville, Vang Vien or here. I’ve been here ~1 week, time to move to Hanoi, tomorrow night.

Ran into the little kid from the beach again today, he was thrilled to see me so I bought a tone of gum off him. Typically I don’t buy from kids on the street but he’s going to be out there hustling regardless if I buy it or not. One thing about Nha Trang is that there are so many peddlers on the street, it would make your head spin. We eat outside today and had t say “no thanks” to a dozen or so peddlers of all ages.

cool kid in nha trang vietnam

Instead of going out, I spent my time today relaxing and looking for a quality restaurant to eat like a King. Found this place that sells sushi, got a tuna sashimi platter and a rainbow roll for a cool ~$5us which I think is still kinda pricey for “round here” but whatever. Later hit up another restaurant discussed below.

scale lady nha trang vietnam

The nightlife here is good but after going out last night without “partaking” in the festivities, it’s really no different than anywhere else except you hear lots of different languages instead of just English as though I were in most of Canada or the US. It’s also mainly people in their mid twenties, some older, some younger. Also, lots of people are really annoying haha.

The food was great and I should have bought more. That said, eating at restaurants is still a bit of a rip off unless you’re on a date or something. The food you can get on the street is just as good and way cheaper. I know it’s only $6 in a restaurant but you can get ~comparable for ~$1-3, I love a good deal, don’t you?  You just can’t mind sitting on little kid chairs and eating on a street corner. Thing is, there overhead is so low, it makes cents.

sushi in nha trang vietnam

It’s a shame Canada wouldn’t allow this type of thing being scared someone would get food poisoning and sue the h3ll out of someone, the city, I don’t know, I’m not a lawyer. That said, I’ve had some serious food poisoning in places like Kelsey’s or my least favorite of all big chains “Montana’s” (dry heave). I once found a piece of metal in my meatloaf, gross.

Nha Trang is a great time and the beach is out of this world. I highly recommend coming here if you’re in Vietnam. So far, Vietnam is one of my favorites. I’m also starting to learn that everywhere is basically the same.

Granted, I’ve only been in SE Asia, some parts of Central America, the UK & North America but it’s all “same same but different” if you ask this gent.

seafood in nha trang vietnam

I’m at a cross roads. I either go home for the summer, reconnect with friends and family while golfing and fishing or keep going. Should I keep going? I’m thinking of extending visa here, Philippines, China or Europe. Thing is, if I don’t need to sit at some desk all day, why would I pay overinflated prices for basically the same stuff / less?

On that note, the cuisine over here is delicious and delightful while most of the places I went to in Canada were disgusting chains with criminal prices. Furthermore, if all your friends work all day, things could get boring, very fast. Furthermore, for the price of lunch back home, I can get very spacious hotel room, a maid who cleans my room each day and satellite TV + wifi, it’s mind blowing

seafood restaurant in nha trang vietnam

I had a dream of getting an apartment and setting up some shops in foreign countries, all this “backpacking” or “flashpacking” as poor backpackers who are envious of those with more flow then them like to call it is getting kinda “old hat”. I hate the term flashpacking as I believe only tightly budgeted backpackers use it to try and justify that they way ‘they are doing it’ is more authentic, what a laugh.

I’m done here,

Ok not yet, just so you get an idea… We went to a restaurant today and between 4 of us bought potato wedges, 5 canned drinks, 2 cocktails, a seafood salad, shrimp cocktail, chicken pizza, seafood spaghetti, seafood hot pot and a shrimp curry for $20US. Where did your last $20US go!?

seafood hot pot in nha trang vietnam

Tips hat and downs a lemon ice tea,


  1. Dwayne

    March 22, 2010 at 10:44 am

    Rob – found you via the good Señor Tropicana.

    Just wanted to tell you that your blog is the shit.

  2. Joey D

    March 22, 2010 at 1:22 pm

    That first photo is priceless! lol

    If I were you … I’d keep going 🙂

    There is nothing here that you haven’t seen before

    BTW that food looks amazing and would cost about $100 bucks here

  3. Rob

    March 23, 2010 at 1:41 am

    Dwayne – Thank you, kind sir.

    Joey – Indeed, I’ve seen every golf course in the region and doubt I’ll ever get sick of them. That said it’s only fun when you’re playing well which is sadly, 40% of the time or less!

    God speed,

  4. missannakay

    March 25, 2010 at 5:08 am

    sashimi and the rainbow look faaabulous

  5. Hardip

    March 26, 2010 at 10:43 am


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