Trip to Thai Embassy in Budapest, 60 Day Tourist Visa


Met up with a polygot friend of mine yesterday, he is an ambassador for couch surfing. The meeting was cool, cannot believe I never did couch surfing, I must be mad, clinically insane. Met the 182nd most traveled man in the world, 116 or 136 countries, INDEED! Go big or go home…

La de Dahhh De, I’d like to meet up with Slick Rick, Tiger Woods , Easy-E, Dougie-Fresh  and Rock a party, drink lots of coke and maybe even some Bacardi.

Back to reality, you can get a 60 day tourist visa from the Budapest Thai Embassy. You need a bank statement showing you have $666.666, ticket and passport photos. Went today, empty handed, sh~t. It is HARD to find, it is nestled in the hills of Buda, really nice places up there.

I really hope you do not need an EXIT ticket… 60 day visa beats having to take a border run by plane. Some fly to Singapore, KL, whatever… Seems like a hassle and expense.

Told em I leave Friday, buddy said ok come back tomorrow, we will process in 1 day, also sick. With 60 day, I can get a crib, maybe even take weekend trips to Kanchanaburi to play golf, or just live there, who knows…

Also found some cheap flights to India. If one left Bangkok to Mumbai early October, would cost about $250us, supposedly India is mental.

Budapest is a very cool city, the Embassy is in the hills of Buda, solid 1 hour trip. Asked so many randoms on the way for advice, so friendly.

Coolest thing in Budapest? St Stephen’, last night I was alone in the square and just stood there for 5-10 minutes in the rain staring at it, it’s magnificent. The buildings here are inspirational, can I say that? I just did. The food is great as well and it is easy to get around with the metro system.

Stuff to do, changing hostels, found one that is half price and this one is filled with old people, I will save 15E, 15E in Bangkok can feed me for a week (I will do an experiment when I get there… If I go…) I mean just because I booked a ticket, doesn’t mean I have to go, yes?

My friend just left to Prague, cost him about 85E for a 2nd class ticket. Curious how much I racked up on that Eurail. At first I was bummed about the price but turned out to be an amazing investment. If you come to Europe, why not see it? That said, if you are in Budapest, you can get to Bratislava for 20E.

Tips hat,

P.S: Maybe should visit my monk friends at the Laos border!?

Search Du Jour:!? “when is the next five dollar rabies shots again” – Result

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