Televisions are Garbage in Amsterdam

Television TV garbage Amsterdam


This is the first “daily photo story” of sorts.

Took this photo when I first got to Amsterdam, Netherlands in May, 2010. There was a large garbage strike going on and I found it cool that the TV was just left, abandoned with the rest of the garbage. The reality is most everything on TV is propaganda garbage to begin with so found it very fitting.

Ever been to Amsterdam? One of my fav cities in the world.

I never watch TV unless it’s a sporting event, namely golf. Since being in Chiang Mai I have been watching more of it. I can’t get over the fact that the NEWS only broadcasts what is wrong with society and that every other show is about crime and murder.

We wonder why society is getting more of the same?

Tips hat,

Random Search: “Walking through Van Gogh Museum” – Search Result.

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Author: SHABL

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